Lambert Hillyer


The Mother Instinct (1917) [avec R.W. Neill]

An Even Break (1917)

The Narrow Trail (La Révélation) (1917) [avec W.S. Hart]

Strife (1917)

Riddle Gawne (1918) [avec W.S. Hart]

The Lion of the Hills (1918)

Breed of Men (1919)

The Poppy Girl's Husband (1919) [avec W.S. Hart]

Square Deal Sanderson (1919) [avec W.S. Hart]

John Petticoats (1919)

Wagon Tracks (La Caravane) (1919)

The Toll Gate (Son dernier exploit) (1920)

Sand (1920)

The Cradle of Courage (1920) [avec W.S. Hart]

The Testing Block (1920)

O' Malley of the Mounted (1921)

White Oak (1921)

Three Word Brand (1921)

The Whistle (1921)

White Hands (1922)

Travelin' on (1922)

Caught Bluffing (1922)

The Super Sex (1922)

The Altar Stairs (1922)

Skin Deep (L'homme aux deux visages) (1922)

Scars of Jealousy (1923)

Temporary Marriage (1923)

Mile-a-Minute Romeo (1923)

Eyes of the Forest (1923)

The Lone Star Ranger (1923)

The Shock (1923)

The Spoilers (Dans les boues de l'Alaska) (1923)

Barbara Frietchie (1924)

Those Who Dance (Les Fraudeurs) (1924)

Idle Tongues (1924)

I Want my Man (1925)

The Making of O' Malley (1925)

The Knockout (1925)

The Unguarded Hour (1925)

Her Second Chance (1926)

Miss Nobody (1926)

30 Below Zero (1926) [avec R.P. Kerr]

Chain Lightning (1927)

The War Horse (1927)

Hills of Peril (1927) [avec R. Lyons]

The Branded Sombrero (1928)

Fleetwing (Etincelle) (1928)

Beau Bandit (1930)

The Deadline (1931)

One Man Law (1932)

South of the Rio Grande (Le kid du Mexique) (1932)

The Fighting Fool (1932)

Hello Trouble (1932)

White Eagle (L'aigle blanc) (1932)

Forbidden Trail (1932)

Sundown Rider (Le cavalier du crépuscule) (1932)

The California Trail (1933)

Unknown Valley (La vallée inconnue) (1933)

Dangerous Crossroads (1933)

The Fighting Code (1933)

Police Car 17 (1933)

Master of Men (1933)

Before Midnight (1934)

Once to Every Woman (Lit numéro cinq) (1934)

The Man Trailer (1934)

The Most Precious Thing in Life (A qui l’enfant?) (1934)

The Defense Rests (1934)

One is Guilty (1934)

Against the Law (Le doigt dans l’engrenage) (1934)

Men of the Night (Les écumeurs de la nuit) (1935)

In Spite of Danger (Les rivaux de la route) (1935)

The Awakening of Jim Burke (Coeur de père) (1935)

Behind the Evidence (Bas le masque) (1935)

Men of the Hour (Les hommes de l’heure) (1935)

Super-Speed (A toute allure) (1935)

Guard That Girl (La troisième flèche tuera) (1935)

Dangerous Waters (1936)

The Invisible Ray (Le rayon invisible) (1936)

Dracula's Daughter (La fille de Dracula) (1936)

Speed to Spare (Le démon de la vitesse) (1937)

Girls Can Play (1937)

All-American Sweetheart (1937)

My Old Kentucky Home (1938)

Extortion (1938)

Gang Bullets (1938)

Women in Prison (Détenues) (1938)

Convict's Code (1939)

Should a Girl Marry? (1939)

The Girl from Rio (1939)

The Durango Kid (1940)

The Wildcat of Tucson (Le diable de la prairie) (1940)

Beyond the Sacramento (1941)

The Pinto Kid (1941)

North from the Lone Star (1941)

Hands Across the Rookies (1941)

The Medico of Painted Springs (1941)

Thunder Over the Prairie (1941)

The Son of Davy Crockett (Le fils de Davy Crockett) (1941)

The Return of Daniel Boone (Le retour de Daniel Boone) (1941)

King of Dodge City (1941)

Prairie Stranger (1941)

The Royal Mounted Patrol (1941)

Roaring Frontiers (1941)

Devil's Trail (1942)

North of the Rockies (1942)

Prairie Gunsmoke (1942)

Vengeance of the West (1942)

Fighting Frontier (1943)

The Stranger from Pecos (L’étranger de Pecos) (1943)

Six-Gun Gospel (1943)

The Texas Kid (L’enfant du Texas) (1943)

Smart Guy (1943)

Batman (id.) (1943) [sortie Paris en 1966]

Partners of the Trail (Deux sur la piste) (1944)

Law Men (1944)

Range Law (Nevada, le justicier) (1944)

Land of the Outlaws (La terre des hors-la-loi) (1944)

Ghost Guns (Le fantôme au revolver) (1944)

West of the Rio Grande (1944)

Beyond the Pecos (Vendetta au Far West) (1945)

Stranger from Santa Fe (L’étranger de Santa Fé) (1945)

Flame of the West (Le saloon de la mort) (1945)

The Lost Trail (La diligence attaquée) (1945)

Frontier Feud (Les clans ennemis) (1945)

South of the Rio Grande (Le kid du Mexique) (1945)

Border Bandits (Les bandits de l’Arizona) (1946)

Gentleman from Texas (Les gentlemen du Texas) (1946)

Trigger Fingers (Le doigt sur la gâchette) (1946)

Shadows on the Range (1946)

Silver Range (1946)

Under Arizona Skies (Sous le ciel d’Arizona) (1946)

Valley of Fear (1947)

Raiders of the South (Les vengeurs du Sud) (1947)

Trailing Danger (1947)

Land of the Lawless (La chevauchée des hors-la-loi) (1947)

The Law Comes to Gunsight (1947)

Flashing Guns (1947)

Prairie Express (1947)

Gun Talk (1947)

Overland Trails (1948)

Oklahoma Blues (1948)

Crossed trails (1948)

Partners of the Sunset (1948)

Range Renegades (1948)

Frontier Agent (1948)

The Fighting Ranger (1948)

Sheriff of Medicine Bow (1948)

Outlaw Brand (1948)

Sundown Riders (1948)

Song of the Drifter (1948)

Gun Runner (1949)

Gun Law Justice (1949)

Haunted Trails (1949)

Riders of the Dusk (1949)

Range Land (1949)

Trail's End (La piste sanglante ou La dernière piste) (1949)