Wolf Rilla



Glad Tidings (1952)

Marilyn (Sexy Girl) (1953)

Noose for a Lady (1953)

The Large Rope (1953)

The Black Rider (1954)

The End of the Road (1954)

Stock Car (1955)

The Blue Peter (1955)

Pacific Destiny (Le sorcier du Pacifique) (1956)

The Scamp (1957)

Bachelor of Hearts (Six filles et un garçon) (1958)

Witness in the Dark (1959)

The Village of the Damned (Le village des damnés) (1960)

Die Zornigen jungen Männer - The Angry Young Men (Jeunes gens mécontents) (1960)

Piccadilly Third Stop (1960)

Watch It Sailor! (1961)

Cairo (Les bijoux du Pharaon) (1962)

The World Ten Times Over (1963)

Pax? (1968)

Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman ou Naughty Wives (Les surprises du porte-à-porte) (1973)

Bedtime With Rosie (1974)