William F. Claxton


Half Past Midnight (1948)

Tucson (id.) (1949)

All That I Have (1951)

Fangs of the Wild (1954)

I'll Give my Life (1956)

Stagecoach to Fury (La diligence de la peur) (1956)

The Quiet Gun (Le tueur tranquille) (1957)

Young and Dangerous (1957)

Rockabilly Baby (1957)

God is my Partner (1957)

Desire in the Dust (Désirs sauvages) (1960)

Young Jesse James (1960)

Law of the Lawless (Condamné à être pendu) (1963)

Stage to Thunder Rock (La diligence partira à l'aube) (1964)

A Letter to Nancy (1965)

Night of the Lepus (1972)