Wesley Ruggles



For France (1917)

The Blind Adventure (1918)

The Winchester Woman (1919)

Picadilly Jim (1920)

Sooner or Later (1920)

The Desperate Hero (1920)

Leopard Woman (1920)

Love (1920)

The Greater Claim (1921)

Uncharted Seas (1921)

Over the Wire (1921)

Wild Honey (1922)

If I Were Queen (1922)

Slippy McGee (1923)

Mr. Billings Spends His Dime (1923)

The Remittance Woman (1923)

The Heart Raider (1923)

The Age of Innocence (1924)

The Plastic Age (1925)

Broadway Lady (La danseuse de Broadway) (1925)

The Kick-Off (Amour et rugby) (1926)

The Collegians (1926)

California Here We Come (1926)

The Last Lap (1926)

A Man of Quality (1926)

Beware of Widows (1927)

Around the Bases (1927)

The Relay (1927)

The Cinderpath (1927)

Flashing Oars (1927)

Breaking Records (1927)

Silk Stockings (1927)

The Fourflusher (1928)

Finders Keepers (Suzy soldat) (1928)

Street Girl (1929)

Scandal (Scandale) (1929)

Port of Dreams ou Girl Overboard (Le bateau des rêves) (1929)

Condemned (1929)

The Haunted Lady (1929)

Honey (1930) [version américaine d’un film de L. Mercanton]

The Sea Bat (Le démon de la mer) (1930)   

Cimarron (Cimarron ou La ruée vers l'Ouest) (1931) …Oscar du meilleur film

Are These Our Children? (1931)

Roar of the Dragon (Le démon jaune) (1932)

No Man of Her Own (Un mauvais garçon) (1932)

The Monkey's Paw (La main de singe) (1933) [avec E.B. Schoedsack]

College Humor (Collège humour) (1933)

I'm no Angel (Je ne suis pas un ange) (1933)

Bolero (id.) (1934)

Shoot the Works (1934)

The Gilded Lily (Aller et retour) (1935)

Accent on Youth (1935)

The Bride Comes Home (Je veux me marier) (1935)

Valiant is the Word for Carrie (Héroïque mensonge) (1936)

True Confession (La folle confession) (1937)

I Met Him in Paris (A Paris tous les trois) (1937)

Sing You Sinners (Bébés turbulents)  (1938)

Invitation to Happiness (Invitation au bonheur) (1939)

Too Many Husbands (Trop de maris) (1940)

Arizona (id.) (1940)

You Belong to Me (Tu m'appartiens) (1941)

Somewhere I'll Find You (Je te retrouverai) (1942)

Slightly Dangerous (L'amour travesti) (1943)

See Here, Private Hargrove (1944)

London Town (London Follies) (1946)