Walter Forde


Never Say Die (1920)

The Handy Man (1920)

Fishing for Trouble (1920)

Wait and See (1928)

What Next? (1928)

The Silent House (La maison du silence) (1929)

Would You Believe It! (1929)

Red Pearls (1930)

You'd Be Surprised! (1930)

The Last Hour (1930)

Lord Richard in the Pantry (1930)

Bed and Breakfast (1930)

The Ringer (1931)

Third Time Lucky (1931)

The Ghost Train (Le train fantôme) (1931)

Splinters in the Navy (1931)

Condemned to Death (Condamné à mort) (1932)

Lord Babs (Complications matrimoniales) (1932)

Jack's the Boy (Le joyeux policeman) (1932)

Rome Express (id.) (1932)

Orders is Orders (Les ordres sont les ordres) (1933)

Jack Ahoy (1934)

Chu Chin Chow (id.) (1934)

Bulldog Jack ou Alias Bulldog Drummond (Bulldog Jack) (1935)

Forever England ou Brown on Resolution ou Born for Glory (Marin de Sa Majesté) (1935)

King of the Damned (Les damnés de Santa Maria) (1936)

Land Without Music (A nous la musique) (1936)

Kicking the Moon Around (1938)

The Gaunt Stranger (1938)

Let's Be Famous (1939)

The Four Just Men (Les quatre justiciers) (1939)

Cheer Boys Cheer (1939)

Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday (L’inspecteur Hornleigh en vacances) (1939)

Charley's Big-Hearted Aunt (1940)

Saloon Bar (1940)

Sailors Three (Ils étaient trois marins) (1940)

Gasbags (1940) [avec M. Varnel] 

The Ghost Train (1941)

Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It (Train de nuit) (1941)

Atlantic Ferry ou Sons of the Sea (Les fils de la mer) (1941)

The Peterville Diamond (1942)

Flying Fortress (Forteresses volantes) (1942)

It's That Man Again (1943)

One Exciting Night (1944)

Time Flies (1944)

Master of Bankdam (1947)

Cardboard Cavalier (Le chevalier de carton) (1949)