W.S. Van Dyke



The Land of Long Shadows (1917)

The Range Boss (1917)

Open Places (1917)

Men of the Desert (1917)

Gift O'Gab (1917)

Sadie Goes to Heaven (1917)

The Lady of the Dugout (1918)

The Hawk's Trail (1920)

Daredevil Jack (Jack sans peur) (1920)

Double Adventure (Double aventure) (1921)

The Avenging Arrow (1921)

White Eagle (1922)

According to Hoyle (1922)

The Milky Way (1922)

The Boss of Camp 4 (1922)

Forget-me-Not (1922)

The Little Girl Next Door (1923)

The Destroying Angel (1923)

The Miracle Makers (1923)

Ruth of the Range (1923)

You Are in Danger (1923)

Loving Lies (1924)

The Beautiful Sinner (1924)

Half-a-Dollar Bill (1924)

Winner Take All (Le gagnant prend tout) (1924)

The Battling Fool (1924)

Barriers Burned Away (1925)

Gold Heels (1925)

Hearts and Spurs (1925)

The Trail Rider (1925)

Ranger of the Big Pines (1925)

The Timber Wolf (1925)

The Desert's Price (1925)

The Gentle Cyclone (Poigne d'acier) (1926)

War Paint (Œil de Faucon) (1926)

Winners of the Wilderness (Les écumeurs de la prairie) (1927)

The Heart of the Yukon (1927)

California (1927)

Eyes of the Totem (1927)

Spoilers of the West (1927)

Foreign Devils (Les diables jaunes) (1928)

Wyoming (1928)

Under the Black Eagle (1928)

White Shadows in the South Seas (Ombres blanches) (1928) [avec R. Flaherty] 

The Pagan (Chanson païenne) (1929)

Trader Horn (Trader Horn ou Le trafiquant Horn) (1931)

Never the Twain Shall Meet (1931)

Guilty Hands (Mains coupables) (1931)

The Cuban Love Song (Rumba) (1931)

Tarzan, the Ape Man (Tarzan, l'homme-singe) (1932)

Night Court (Corrupteur) (1932)

Penthouse (Une enquête est ouverte) (1933)

The Prizefighter and the Lady (Un cœur, deux poings) (1933)

Eskimo (Esquimaux) (1933)

Manhattan Melodrama (L'ennemi public n°1 ou Un drame à Manhattan) (1934)

The Thin Man (L'Introuvable) (1934)

Forsaking All Others (Souvent femme varie) (1934)

Laughing Boy (1934)

Hide-Out (Jours heureux) (1934)

Naughty Marietta (La fugue de Mariette) (1935)

I Live My Life (Vivre sa vie) (1935)

Rose-Marie (id.) (1936)

His Brother's Wife (La fièvre des Tropiques) (1936)

San Francisco (id.) (1936)

The Devil Is a Sissy (Au seuil de la vie) (1936)

Love on the Run (Loufoque et compagnie) (1936)

After the Thin Man (Nick, gentleman détective) (1936)

Personal Property (Valet de cœur) (1937)

They Gave Him a Gun (On lui donna un fusil) (1937)

Rosalie (id.) (1937)

Marie-Antoinette (id.) (1938)

Sweethearts (Amants) (1938)

Stand Up and Fight (Trafic d'hommes) (1939)

It's a Wonderful World (Le monde est merveilleux) (1939)

Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (André Hardy s'enflamme) (1939)

Another Thin Man (Nick joue et gagne) (1939)

I Love You Again (Monsieur Wilson perd la tête) (1940)

I Take This Woman (Cette femme est mienne) (1940)

Bitter Sweet (Douce-amère) (1940)

Rage in Heaven (La proie du mort) (1941)

The Feminine Touch (Quand une femme s'en mêle) (1941)

Shadow of the Thin Man (L'ombre de l'Introuvable) (1941)

Dr. Kildare's Victory (Le docteur et la tentation) (1941)

I Married an Angel (Ma femme est un ange) (1942)

Cairo (id.) (1942)

Journey for Margaret (Le voyage de Margaret) (1942)