Rowland V. Lee


A Thousand to One (1920)

Cupid's Brand (1921)

The Cup of Life (1921)

Blind Hearts (1921)

The Sea Lion (1921)

His Back Against the Wall (1922)

Money to Burn (1922)

The Men of Zanzibar (1922)

A Self-Made Man (1922)

Dust Flower (1922)

Mixed Faces (1922)

Shirley of the Circus (1922)

Alice Adams (1923)

Desire (1923)

You Can't Get Away with It (1923)

Gentle Julia (1923)

In Love with Love (1924)

The Man Without a Country (1925)

Havoc (1925)

The Outsider (1926)

The Silver Treasure (1926)

The Whirlwind of Youth (1927)

Barbed Wire (1927)

The Secret Hour (1928)

Doomsday (Rien que l'amour) (1928)

Three Sinners (Trois coupables) (1928)

Loves of an Actress (Amours d'actrices) (1928)

The First Kiss (Le bateau de nos rêves) (1928)

The Wolf of Wall Street (Le loup de Wall Street) (1929)

A Dangerous Woman (1929)

The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (Fu Manchou) (1929) [avec L. Corrigan]

Paramount on Parade (Paramount en parade) (1930) [en co-réalisation]

Ladies Love Brutes (Une belle brute) (1930)

The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (Le retour de Fu Manchu) (1930)

A Man from Wyoming (1930)

Derelict (Désemparé) (1930)

The Ruling Voice ou Upper Underworld (1931)

The Guilty Generation (1931)

That Night in London ou Over Night (Une nuit à Londres) (1933)

Zoo in Budapest (Zoo à Budapest ou Révolte au zoo) (1933)

I Am Suzanne (Suzanne, c'est moi) (1934)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Le comte de Monte-Cristo) (1934)

Gambling (Le Joueur) (1934)

Cardinal Richelieu (id.) (1935)

The Three Musketeers (Les trois mousquetaires) (1935)

One Rainy Afternoon (1936) [version américaine d’un film de K. Anton]

Love from a Stranger (L'étrange visiteur) (1937)

The Toast of New York (L'or et la chair) (1937)

Mother Carey's Chickens (Bonheur en location) (1938)

Service de luxe (id.) (1938)

Son of Frankenstein (Le fils de Frankenstein) (1939)

The Sun Never Sets (Frères héroïques) (1939)

Tower of London (La Tour de Londres) (1939)

The Son of Monte Cristo (Le fils de Monte-Cristo) (1940)

Powder Town (1942)

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1944)

Captain Kidd (Capitaine Kidd) (1945)