Robert N. Bradbury








The Iron Test (1918)

Perils of Thunder Mountain (1919)

The Faith of the Strong (1919)

The Last of his People (1919)

Into the Light (1920)

The Adventures of Bob and Bill (1920)

Catching a Coon (1921)

The American Badger (1921)

Riders of the Law (1922)

The Civet Cat (1922)

Ridin' Through (1922)

Come Clean (1922)

Wolf's Tracks (1923)

What Love Will Do (1923)

The Red Warning (1923)

Galloping Thru (1923)

Desert Rider (1923)

The Forbidden Trail (1923)

Behind Two Guns (1924)

The Galloping Ace (1924)

Yankee Speed (1924)

In High Gear (1924)

Wanted by the Law (1924)

The Man from Wyoming (1924)

The Phantom Horseman (1924)

Riders of Mystery (1925)

Mocassins (1925)

The Speed Demon (1925)

Hidden Loot (1925)

The Danger Zone (1925)

Daniel Boone Through the Wilderness (1926)

Things Men Do (1926)

The Border Sheriff (1926) [avec E.G. Ulmer] 

Looking for Trouble (1926)

The Fighting Doctor (1926)

Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo (1926)

Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre (1927)

The Mojave Kid (1927)

Lightning Speed (1928)

Headin' for Danger (1928)

A Son of the Plains (L’enfant des plaines) (1931)

Dugan of the Badlands (1931)

Riders of the Desert (L’allié des Peaux-Rouges) (1932)

Law of the West (1932)

Man from Hell's Edges (1932)

Son of Oklahoma (La mine de l’enfant perdu) (1932)

Hidden Valley (1932)

Texas Buddies (Deux du Texas) (1932)

Breed of the Border (1933)

The Gallant Fool (Le cirque tragique) (1933)

Galloping Romeo (1933)

The Ranger's Code (1933)

Riders of Destiny (Le chevalier du destin ou Les cavaliers du destin ou Le puits maudit) (1933)

The Lucky Texan (Le Texan chanceux) (1934)

West of the Divide (A l’ouest des montagnes) (1934)

Blue Steel (Panique à Yucca City) (1934)

The Man from Utah (La loi du rodéo ou L’homme de l’Utah) (1934)

The Star Packer (Terreur dans la ville) (1934)

Happy Landing (Pirates modernes) (1934)

The Lawless Frontier (Le territoire sans loi) (1934)

The Trail Beyond (L’héritage du chercheur d’or) (1934)

Western Justice (Le justicier du Far West) (1934)

No Man's Range (1935)

Texas Terror (La terreur du Texas) (1935)

Kid Courageous (Kid l’audacieux) (1935)

Smokey Smith (1935)

Big Calibre (1935)

Rainbow Valley (L’or de la vallée) (1935)

The Dawn Rider (Le cavalier de l’aube) (1935)

Tombstone Terror (Le retour de Jim) (1935)

Sundown Saunders (1935)

Between Men (La marque du destin) (1935)

Rider of the Law (1935)

Lawless Range (1935)

Alias John Law (1935)

Courageous Avenger (1935)

Trail of Terror (La piste de la terreur) (1935)

Westward Ho (Les loups du désert) (1935)

Cavalry (L’appel de l’Ouest) (1936)

Valley of the Lawless (1936)

The Kid Ranger (1936)

Last of the Warrens (1936)

The Law Rides (1936)

Brand of the Outlaws (1936)

Headin' for the Rio Grande (Sur la route du Rio Grande) (1936)

The Gun Ranger (1937)

Hittin' the Trail (Droit de passage) (1937)

The Trusted Outlaw (1937)

Danger Valley (Le secret de la mine d’or) (1937)

Riders of the Rockies (L’intrépide cavalier) (1937)

Sing, Cowboy, Sing (Chanteur cow-boy) (1937)

Trouble in Texas (Aventures dans l’Ouest) (1937)

Riders of the Dawn (Défi dans le désert) (1937)

God's Country and the Man (1937)

Stars over Arizona (1937)

Where Trails Divide (Sur les traces de l’assassin ou Traces dans le désert) (1937)

Romance of the Rockies (Pillards à l’affût) (1937)

Forbidden Trails (Pistes interdites) (1941)