Peter Collinson


The Penthouse (La nuit des alligators) (1967)

Up the Junction (1967)

The Long Day's Dying (Un jour parmi tant d'autres) (1968) Concha d'or San Sebastian

The Italian Job (L'or se barre) (1969)

You Can't Win 'em All (Les Baroudeurs) (1970)

Fright (La Peur) (1971)

Straight on till Morning (1972)

Innocent Bystanders (Nid d'espions Istanbul) (1972)

The Man Called Noon (Colts au soleil) (1973)

Open Season (La chasse est ouverte) (1974)

And Then There Were None (Dix petits ngres) (1974)

The Spiral Staircase (La nuit de la peur) (1975)

The Sell-Out (Le Sursis) (1975)

Tigers Don't Cry ou Target of an Assassin (Un risque courir) (1977)

Tomorrow Never Comes (1978)

The Earthling (1980)