Pete Walker


For Men Only ou I Like Birds (1966)

School for Sex (L'école du sexe) (1968)

The Big Switch ou Strip Poker (1969)

Cool It Carol (Rien ne vaut la première fois) (1970)

Man of Violence (1971)

Die Screaming, Marianne (1972)

Four Dimensions of Greta (La vie sexuelle de Greta en trois dimensions) (1972)

The Flesh and Blood Show (Blood and Flesh Show) (1972)

Tiffany Jones (1973)

House of Whipcord (Flagellations) (1974)

Frightmare (1974)

House of Mortal Sin ou The Confessional (1975)

Schizo (id.) (1976)

The Comeback  (1977)

Home Before Midnight (1979)

House of the Long Shadows (1982)