Monta Bell


Broadway After Dark (1924)

How to Educate a Wife (1924)

The Snob (1924)

Lady of the Night (1925)

Pretty Ladies (1925)

Lights of Old Broadway (1925)

The King on Main Street (1925)

The Torrent (Le Torrent) (1926)

The Boy Friend (1926)

Upstage (1926)

After Midnight (L'homme de la nuit) (1927)

Man, Woman and Sin (1927)

Bellamy Trial (1929)

East is West (1930)

Young Man of Manhattan (1930)

The Letter (1930) [version américaine d’un film de L. Mercanton, coréalisée avec J. de Limur]

Fires of Youth (1931)

Up for Murder (Le crime de Bob Marshall) (1931)

Personal Maid (id.) (1931) [avec L. Mendes]

Downstairs (Le nouveau chauffeur) (1932)

The Worst Woman in Paris? (1933)

China's Little Devils (Les diables jaunes) (1945)