James P. Hogan


The Skywayman (1920)

The Little Grey Mouse (1920)

Bare Knuckles (1921)

Where's my Wandering Boy Tonight ? (1922)

Unmarried Wives (1924)

Black Lightning (1924)

Women and Gold (1925)

Capital Punishment (1925)

The Mansion of Aching Hearts (1925)

My Lady's Lips (1925)

S.O.S. Perils of the Sea (1925)

Jimmie's Millions (1925)

The Bandit's Baby (1925)

Steel Preferred (1926)

The King of the Turf (1926)

The Isle of Retribution (1926)

Flaming Fury (1926)

The Final Extra (1927)

Mountains of Manhattan (1927)

Finnegan's Ball (1927)

The Silent Avenger (1927)

Top Sergeant Mulligan (1928)

The Broken Mask (1928)

Hearts of Men (1928)

Burning Bridges (1928)

The Border Patrol (1928)

Code of the Air (1928)

The Sheriff's Secret (Le secret du sheriff) (1931)

The Seventh Commandment (1932)

Paradise Valley (La vallée du paradis) (1934)

Life Returns (1935) [avec E. Frenke]

Desert Gold (1936)

The Arizona Raiders (1936)

The Accusing Finger (Le doigt qui accuse) (1936)

Arizona Mahoney (1936)

Bulldog Drummond Escapes (Bulldog Drummond s'évade) (1937)

The Last Train from Madrid (Le dernier train de Madrid) (1937)

Ebb Tide (Le voilier maudit) (1937)

Bulldog Drummond's Peril (Bulldog Drummond en péril) (1938)

The Texans (La ruée sauvage) (1938)

Sons of Legion (Les fils de la Légion) (1938)

Scandal Street (1938)

Arrest Bulldog Drummond (Arrêtez Bulldog Drummond) (1939)

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (La police privée de Bulldog Drummond) (1939)

Bulldog Drummond's Bride (Bulldog Drummond se marie) (1939)

$ 1000 a Touchdown (1939)

Grand Jury Secrets (Le secret du jury) (1939)

Queen of the Mob (Les bas-fonds de Chicago) (1940)

The Farmer's Daughter (1940)

Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery (1941)

The Texas Rangers Ride Again (Le retour des Texas Rangers ou La légion des damnés ressuscite) (1941)

Power Dive (Pilotes de la mort) (1941)

Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime (1941)

Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (Triple meurtre) (1941)

A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)

A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen (1942)

Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (La mort mystérieuse d’Adolf Hitler) (1943)

The Mad Ghoul (1943)

No Place for a Lady (1943)