Irving Cummings







The Man from Hell's River (1922)

Paid Back (1922)

The Jilt (1922)

Flesh and Blood (1922)

Environment (1922)

Broad Daylight (1922)

Broken Hearts of Broadway (1923)

The Drug Traffic (1923)

East Side, West Side (1923)

The Dancing Cheat (1924)

Fools' Highway (1924)

In Every Woman's Life (1924)

Riders Up (1924)

The Rose of Paris (1924)

Stolen Secrets (1924)

One Year to Live (1925)

Just a Woman (1925)

As Man Desires (1925)

The Desert Flower (1925)

Infatuation (1926)

Rustling for Cupid (1926)

The Country Beyond (1926)

The Midnight Kiss (1926)

The Johnstown Flood (La chevauchée de la mort) (1926)

Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl (1926)

The Brute (1927)

Dressed to Kill (Club 73) (1928)

The Port of Missing Girls (1928)

Romance of the Underworld (Après la rafle) (1928)

In Old Arizona (1929) [avec R. Walsh]

Not Quite Decent (1929)

Behind That Curtain (1929)

Cameo Kirby (L'homme aux camées) (1930)

A Devil with Women (1930)

On the Level (1930)

A Holy Terror (1931)

The Cisco Kid (Cisco Kid) (1931)

Attorney for the Defense (L’avocat de la défense) (1932)

The Night Club Lady (Le meurtre de minuit) (1932)

Man Against Woman (L’épreuve de la haine) (1932)

Man Hunt (1933)

The Woman I Stole (Amour volé) (1933)

The Mad Game (Les Ravisseurs) (1933)

I Believed in You (1934)

Grand Canary (1934)

The White Parade (La parade blanche) (1934)

It's a Small World (1935)

Curly Top (Boucles d'or) (1935)

Nobody's Fool (1936) [avec A.G. Collins]

The Poor Little Rich Girl (Pauvre petite fille) (1936)

Girls' Dormitory (Dortoir de jeunes filles) (1936)

White Hunter (Le chasseur blanc) (1936)

Vogues of 1938 (Vogues 1938) (1937)

Merry-Go-Round of 1938 (Merry-Go-Round 1938 ou Les 4 cavaliers de la rigolade) (1937)

Little Miss Broadway (Hôtel à vendre) (1938)

Just Around the Corner (La vie en rose) (1938)

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (Et la parole fut) (1939)

Hollywood Cavalcade (id.) (1939)

Everything Happens at Night (Tout se passe la nuit) (1939)

Lillian Russell (Le roman de Lillian Russell) (1940)

Down Argentine Way (Sous le ciel d'Argentine) (1940)

That Night in Rio (Une nuit à Rio) (1941)

Belle Starr (La reine des rebelles) (1941)

Louisiana Purchase (L’incorruptible sénateur) (1941)

My Gal Sal ou New York Folies (Mon amie Sally) (1942)

Springtime in the Rockies (Ivresse de printemps) (1942)

Sweet Rosie O'Grady (Rosie l'endiablée) (1943)

What a Woman (Une femme pas comme les autres) (1943)

The Impatient Years (Jeunesse impatiente) (1944)

The Dolly Sisters (Les Dolly Sisters) (1945)

Double Dynamite (Une veine de…) (1951)