Henry King


The Nemesis (1915)

Should a Wife Forgive ? ou The Lady of Perfume (1915)

Who Pays ? (1915)

The Brand of Man (1915)

Pay Dirt (1916)

The Sand Lark (1916)

Faith's Reward (1916)

Little Mary Sunshine (1916)

When Right is Right (1916)

The Oath of Hate (1916)

Shadows and Sunshine (1916)

Joy and the Dragon (1916)

Twin Kiddies (1917)

Told at Twilight (1917)

The Devil's Bait (1917)

Sunshine and Gold (1917)

Souls in Pawn (1917)

The Mainspring (1917)

The Bride's Silence (1917)

The Climber (1917)

Southern Pride (1917)

A Game of Wits (1917)

The Mate of the Sally Ann (1917)

Vengeance of the Dead (1917)

Scepter of Suspicion (1917)

Beauty and the Rogue (1918)

When a Man Rides Alone (1918)

Powers That Prey (1918)

Hearts or Diamonds? (1918)

Social Briars (1918)

Up Romance Road (1918)

The Locked Heart (1918)

Hobbs in a Hurry (1918)

All the World to Nothing (1918)

Where the West Begins (1919)

Brass Buttons (1919)

Some Liar (1919)

A Sporting Chance (1919)

This Hero Stuff (1919)

Six Feet Four (1919)

23 1/2 Hours' Leave (1919)

A Fugitive from Matrimony (1919)

Haunting Shadows (1919)

The White Dove (1920)

Uncharted Channels (1920)

One Hour Before Dawn (1920)

Help Wanted -Male (1920)

Dice of Destiny (1920)

When We Were 21 (1921)

The Mistress of Shenstone (1921)

Salvage (1921)

The Sting of the Lash (1921)

Tol'able David (David l'endurant) (1921)

The Seventh Day (1922)

Sonny (1922)

The Bond Boy (1922)

Fury (1922)

The White Sister (Dans les laves du Vésuve) (1923)

Romola (1924)

Any Woman (1925)

Sackcloth and Scarlet (1925)

Stella Dallas (Le sublime sacrifice de Stella Dallas) (1925)

Partners Again (1926)

The Winning of Barbara Worth (Barbara, fille du désert) (1926)

The Magic Flame (1927)

The Woman Disputed (1928)

She Goes to War (Elle s'en va-t-en guerre) (1929)

Hell Harbor (Sous le ciel des Tropiques) (1930)

The Eyes of the World (1930)

Merely Mary Ann (La petite Marie-Anne) (1931)

Lightnin' (id.) (1931)

Over the Hill (Maman) (1931)

The Woman in Room 13 (1932)

State Fair (La foire aux illusions) (1933)

I Loved You Wednesday (1933)

Carolina (id.) (1934)

Marie Galante (id.) (1934)

One More Spring (1935)

Way Down East (A travers l’orage) (1935)

The Country Doctor (Le médecin de campagne) (1936)

Ramona (id.) (1936)

Lloyd's of London (Le Pacte ou Lloyds de Londres) (1936)

Seventh Heaven (L'heure suprême) (1937)

In Old Chicago (L'incendie de Chicago) (1938)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (La folle parade) (1938)

Stanley and Livingstone (Stanley et Livingstone) (1939)

Jesse James (Le brigand bien-aimé) (1939)

Little Old New York (Les révoltés du Clermont) (1940)

Maryland (id.) (1940)

Chad Hanna (La belle écuyère) (1940)

A Yank in the R.A.F. (Un Yankee dans la RAF) (1941)

Remember the Day (Adieu jeunesse) (1941)

The Black Swan (Le cygne noir) (1942)

The Song of Bernadette (Le chant de Bernadette) (1943) …Golden globes du meilleur réalisateur et du meilleur film

Wilson (id.) (1944)

A Bell for Adano (Une cloche pour Adano) (1945)

Margie (id.) (1946)

Captain from Castile (Capitaine de Castille) (1947)

Deep Waters (L’orphelin de la mer) (1948)

The Prince of Foxes (Echec à Borgia) (1948)

Twelve O'Clock High (Un homme de fer) (1949)

The Gunfighter (La cible humaine ou L'homme aux abois) (1949)

I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (L’épreuve du bonheur) (1951)

David and Bathsheba (David et Bethsabée) (1951)

Wait Til the Sun Shines, Nellie (id.) (1952) [diffusé sur FR 3 en 1979]

O. Henry's Full House (La sarabande des pantins) (1952) [un sketch]

The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Les neiges du Kilimandjaro) (1952)

King of the Khyber Rifles (Capitaine King) (1953)

Untamed (Tant que soufflera la tempête) (1955)

Love is a Many Splendored-Thing (La colline de l'adieu) (1955)

Carousel (Carrousel) (1956)

The Sun Also Rises (Le soleil se lève aussi) (1957)

The Bravados (Bravados) (1958)

This Earth is Mine (Cette terre qui est mienne) (1959)

Beloved Infidel (Un matin comme les autres) (1959)

Tender is the Night (Tendre est la nuit) (1961)