Harry L. Fraser



Oil and Romance (1925)

Queen of Spades (1925)

West of Mojave (1925)

The Fighting Gob (1926)

General Custer at Little Big Horn (1926)

Sheep Trail (1926)

The Wildcat (1926)

Cross Country Run (1927)

Cactus Trails (1927)

Montana Kid (1931)

Oklahoma Jim (id.) (1931)

Land of Wanted Men (1932)

Ghost City (1932)

The Reckoning (1932)

Vanishing Men (1932)

Texas Pioneers (Les pionniers du Texas) (1932)

Mason of the Mounted (1932)

Honor of the Mounted (L’exécuteur de la justice) (1932)

Law of the North (1932)

Broadway to Cheyenne (Gangsters de Broadway) (1932)

The Man from Arizona (1932)

The Savage Girl (La femme sauvage) (1933)

The Diamond Trail (1933)

The Fugitive (Le fugitif) (1933)

Rainbow Ranch (1933)

The Fighting Parson (1933)

The Wolf Dog (1933) [avec C. Clark] 

Randy Rides Alone (Randy le solitaire) (1934)

The Tonto Kid (1934)

Fighting Through (1934)

Gunfire (1934)

'Neath the Arizona Skies (Sous le ciel d’Arizona) (1934)

The Reckless Buckaroo (1935)

The Pecos Kid (1935)

Wagon Trail (Le fils du shérif) (1935)

Social Error (1935)

Rustler's Paradise (Le fouet vengeur) (1935)

Fighting Pioneers (La fille de l’aigle noir) (1935)

Saddle Aces (1935)

Last of the Clintons (1935)

Wild Mustang (1935)

Ghost Town (1936)

Hair-Trigger Casey (1936)

Wildcat Saunders (1936)

Feud of the West (1936)

The Riding Avenger (1936)

Romance Rides the Range (Le chant de l’Ouest ou Romance rouge) (1936)

Cavalcade of the West (Les deux du Texas) (1936)

Aces Wild (1936)

Dark Manhattan (1937) [avec R. Cooper] 

Jungle Menace (L’homme-tigre, terreur de la jungle)(1937) [avec G. Melford] 

Galloping Dynamite (1937)

Heroes of the Alamo (1937)

Gangsters on the Loose (1937)

Spirit of Youth (Je suis le champion du monde) (1938)

Songs and Saddles (1938)

Fury Below (1938)

Six Shootin' Sheriff (Le cavalier Cyclone) (1938)

Lure of the Wasteland (1939)

Phantom Rancher (Le cavalier au masque noir) (1940)

Lightning Strikes West (1940)

Jungle Man (L’homme de la jungle) (1941)

Gunsmoke Mesa (La loi inexorable) (1944)

Outlaw Roundup (1944)

Brand of the Devil (1944)

The People's Choice (1944)

Frontier Fugitives (Le cavalier de la frontière) (1945)

Enemy of the Law (Les bandits du Far West) (1945)

The White Gorilla (Le gorille blanc) (1945)

Three in the Saddle (Trois cavaliers) (1945)

Flaming Bullets (Le vengeur inconnu) (1945)

The Navajo Kid (1945)

Six Gun Man (1946)

Ambush Trail (1946)

Thunder Town (1946)

Stallion Canyon (1949)

Chained for Life (L'amour parmi les monstres) (1951)