George Fitzmaurice





When Rome Ruled (1914)

The Quest of the Sacred Gem ou The Quest of the Sacred Jewel (1914)

Stop Thief! (1915)

Via Wireless (1915)

Who's Who in Society (1915)

The Money Master (1915)

The Commuters (1915)

At Bay (1915)

The Test (1916)

Big Jim Garrity (1916)

Arms and the Woman (1916)

New York (1916)

The Romantic Journey (1916)

Patria (1917)

Kick in (1917)

Blind Man's Luck (1917)

The Iron Heart (1917)

The Mark of Cain (1917)

The Recoil (1917)

The On-the-Square Girl (1917)

The Hunting of the Hawk (1917)

Sylvia of the Secret Service (1917)

Innocent (1918)

The Naulahka (1918)

The Hillcrest Mystery (1918)

The Narrow Path (1918)

Japanese Nightingale (1918)

The Cry of the Weak (1919)

Our Better Selves (1919)

Common Clay (1919)

The Witness for the Defense (1919)

The Avalanche (1919)

Profiteer (1919)

A Society Exile (1919)

Counterfeit (1919)

On with the Dance (1920)

The Right to Love (1920)

Idols of Clay (1920)

Paying the Piper (1921)

Experience (1921)

Forever (1921)

Three Live Ghosts (1922)

To Have and Hold (1922)

The Man from Home (1922)

Kick in (1922)

Bella Donna (1923)

The Cheat (La Flétrissure) (1923)

The Eternal City (1923)

Cytherea (1924)

Tarnish (1924)

A Thief in Paradise (1925)

The Dark Angel (L'ange des ténèbres) (1925)

His Supreme Moment (La flamme victorieuse) (1925)

The Son of the Sheik (Le fils du Sheik ou L’amant éternel) (1926) [sortie France en 1939]

The Night of Love (La nuit d'amour) (1927)

The Tender Hour (La proie du seigneur) (1927)

Rose of the Golden West (Rose des pays d'or) (1927)

The Love Mart (1927)

Lilac Time (Ciel de gloire) (1928)

The Barker (Forains) (1928) [sortie France en 1930]

His Captive Woman (Le téméraire) (1928) [sortie France en 1932]

The Man and the Moment (Le yacht d’amour) (1929) [sortie France en 1930]

The Locked Door (Le signe sur la porte) (1929) [sortie France en 1932]

Tiger Rose (Rose Tigre ou La tigresse) (1929) [sortie France en 1931]

The Devil to Pay (id.) (1930)

One Heavenly Night (Une nuit de rêve) (1930)

The Bad One (Mauvaise femme) (1930)

Raffles (Raffles, gentleman cambrioleur) (1930) [avec H. d'Abbadie d'Arrast] 

Strangers May Kiss (L’Emancipée) (1931)

The Unholy Garden (Le jardin impie) (1931)

Mata-Hari (id.) (1932)

As You Desire Me (Comme tu me veux) (1932)

All Men Are Enemies (1934)

Nana (1934) [avec D. Arzner]

Petticoat Fever (Une femme qui tombe du ciel) (1936)

Suzy (Une belle blonde) (1936)

The Emperor's Candlesticks (Le secret des chandeliers) (1937)

Live, Love and Learn (La vie, l'art et l'amour) (1937)

Arsene Lupin Returns (Le retour d'Arsène Lupin) (1938)

Vacation from Love (1938)

Adventure in Diamonds (La femme aux brillants) (1940)