Erle C. Kenton



A Small Town Idol (L'idole du village) (1921)

She Sighed by the Seaside (1921)

Among Those Present (1921) [avec F. Newmeyer]

Tea With a Kick (1922)

All's Well on the Ocean (1924)

The Danger Signal (1925)

A Fool and His Money (1925)

Red Hot Tires (1925)

The Palm Beach Girl (1926)

The Sap (1926)

The Love Toy (1926)

Other Women's Husbands (1926)

The Girl in the Pullman (La petite femme du sleeping) (1927)

Wedding Bills (1927)

The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (La jouvence de Tante Marie) (1927)

Bare Knees (1928)

Companionate Marriage (1928)

Golf Widows (Pour l'amour du sport) (1928)

Name the Woman (1928)

Nothing to Wear (1928)

The Sideshow (Le cirque maudit) (1928)

The Sporting Age (1928)

The Street of Illusion (1928)

Father and Son (Mon papa) (1929) [sortie France en 1931]

Mexicali Rose (Cabaret mexicain) (1929)

Song of Love (Le chant d’amour) (1929) [sortie France en 1935]

Trial Marriage (1929)

A Royal Romance (1931)

The Last Parade (Le mauvais garçon) (1931)

Lover Come Back (1931)

Leftover Ladies (1931)

X Marks the Spot (Le reportage tragique) (1931)

Guilty as Hell (Non coupable) (1932)

Island of Lost Souls (L'île du docteur Moreau) (1932)

Stranger in Town (1932)

From Hell to Heaven (De l’enfer au ciel) (1933)

Disgraced (Disgrâce) (1933)

Big Executive (1933)

You're Telling Me (Dollars et whisky) (1934)

Search for Beauty (L'école de la beauté) (1934)

The Best Man Wins (Les gangsters de l'océan) (1935)

Party Wire (Allo j’écoute) (1935)

Grand Exit (L’incendiaire de New York) (1935)

The Public Menace (Danger public) (1935)

End of the Trail (Le chemin du retour) (1936)

Counterfeit (Fausse monnaie) (1936)

Devil's Squadron (L'escadrille du diable) (1936)

The Devil's Playground (La danseuse de San Diego) (1937)

Racketeers in Exile (Une vie nouvelle) (1937)

She Asked for It (1937)

The Lady Objects (1938)

Little Tough Guys in Society (Cabochards en vacances) (1938)

Everything's on Ice (Chaud et froid) (1939)

Escape to Paradise (Voyage au paradis) (1939)

Remedy for Riches (1940)

Melody for Three (Mélodie pour trois) (1941)

They Meet Again (1941)

Naval Academy (1941)

Flying Cadets (1941)

Petticoat Politics (1941)

Pardon my Sarong (Deux nigauds dans une île) (1942)

The Ghost of Frankenstein (Le spectre de Frankenstein) (1942)

Who Done It? (Deux nigauds détectives) (1942)

North to the Klondike (La fièvre de l'or) (1942)

Frisco Lil (Jeux dangereux) (1942)

How's About It? (1943)

It Ain't Hay (Deux nigauds dans le foin) (1943)

Always a Bridesmaid (1943)

She Gets Her Man (1945)

House of Frankenstein (La maison de Frankenstein) (1945)

House of Dracula (La maison de Dracula) (1945)

The Cat Creeps (Le chat rampant) (1946)

Little Miss Big (id.) (1946) [sortie France en régions]

Bob and Sally (Savoir) (1948)

One Too Many (1950)

Secrets of Beauty (1951)