Edward Cline


The Three Ages (Les trois âges) (1923) [avec B. Keaton]

Circus Days (L'enfant du cirque) (1923)

The Meanest Man in the World (1923)

When a Man's a Man (1924)

Captain January (1924)

Good Bad Boy (1924)

Little Robinson Crusoe (Le petit Robinson) (1924)

Along Came Ruth (La demoiselle de magasin) (1924)

The Rag Man (Marchand d'habits) (1925)

Old Clothes (Vieux habits, vieux amis) (1925)

Let it Rain (1927)

Vamping Venus (1928)

The Head Man (1928)

The Crash (1928)

Broadway Fever (1929)

His Lucky Day (Un jour de veine) (1929)

The Forward Pass (1929)

In the Next Room (1930)

Sweet Mama (1930)

Leathernecking (Présentez armes!) (1930)

Hook, Line and Sinker (1930)

The Widow from Chicago (1930)

The Girl Habit (Girl Habit) (1931)

Cracked Nuts (1931)

The Naughty Flirt (1931)

Million Dollar Legs (Folies olympiques) (1932)

So this is Africa (Vive l'Afrique) (1933)

Parole Girl (1933)

Peck's Bad Boy (Mon gosse) (1934)

Fighting to Live (Le droit à la vie) (1934)

The Dude Ranger (Un rude cow-boy) (1934)

The Cowboy Millionaire (Le cow-boy millionnaire) (1935)

When a Man's a Man (1935)

It's a Great Life (1935)

F-Man (1936)

On Again-Off Again (Patron et domestique) (1937)

Forty Naughty Girls (Les quarante pécheresses) (1937)

High Flyers (Pilotes détectives) (1937)

Hawaii Calls (Hawaii, terre d’amour) (1938)

Breaking the Ice (Sérénade sur la glace) (1938)

Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (Circus Kid) (1938)

Go Chase Yourself (Gangster d’occasion) (1938)

My Little Chickadee (Mon petit poussin chéri) (1939)

The Villain Still Pursued Her (Boire et déboires) (1940)

The Bank Dick (Mines de rien) (1940)

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (Passez muscade) (1941)

Meet the Chump (1941)

Hello Sucker (1941)

Cracked Nuts (1941)

What's Cookin’? (Jazz Follies) (1942)

Give Out, Sisters (La joie de vivre) (1942)

Snuffy Smith, Yard Bird ou Private Snuffy Smith (1942)

Behind the Eight Ball (Les Ritz Brothers détectives) (1942)

Private Buckaroo (En avant swing) (1942)

Crazy House (Symphonie loufoque) (1943)

He's My Guy (1943)

Ghost Catchers (Chasseurs de fantômes) (1944)

Hat Check Honey (1944)

Moonlight and Cactus (id.) (1944)

Night Club Girl (1944)

Slightly Terrific (Lui et l’autre) (1944)

Swingtime Johnny (1944)

Penthouse Rhythm (1945)

See My Lawyer (Voyez mon avocat) (1945)

Bringing Up Father (1946)

Jiggs and Maggie in Society (1948)

Jiggs and Maggie in Court (1948) [avec W. Beaudine]