Albert S. Rogell


The Greatest Menace (1923)

The Mask of Lopez (1924)

North of Nevada (1924)

The Silent Stranger (1924)

The Fighting Sap (1924)

Thundering Hoofs (1924)

Lightnin Romance (1924)

Geared to Go (1924)

The Dangerous Coward (1924)

Galloping Gallagher (1924)

Easy Money (1925)

Super Speed (1925)

The Snob Buster (1925)

Youth's Gamble (1925)

Crack o' Dawn (1925)

Goat Getter (1925)

The Knockout Kid (1925)

The Fear Fighter (1925)

The Circus Cyclone (1925)

Cyclone Cavalier (1925)

Fighting Fate (1925)

The Patent Leather Pug (1926)

Men of the Night (1926)

Senor Daredevil (1926)

The Wild Horse Stampede (1926)

Red Hot Leather (1926)

The Man from the West (1926)

The Unknown Cavalier (Le cavalier inconnu) (1926)

Rough and Ready (1927)

The Overland Stage (1927)

The Western Whirlwind (1927)

Somewhere in Sonora (1927)

The Western Rover (1927)

The Sunset Derby (1927)

Men of Daring (1927)

The Fighting Three (1927)

The Devil's Saddle (1927)

The Red Raiders (1927)

Grinning Guns (1927)

The Shepherd of the Hills (Le pâtre des collines) (1928)

The Canyon of Adventure (1928)

The Upland Rider (1928)

The Glorious Trail (1928)

The Phantom City (1928)

Cheyenne (1929)

The California Mail (1929)

The Lone Wolf's Daughter (La fille du loup noir) (1929) [sortie France en 1931]

The Flying Marine (Les conquérants de l’air) (1929) [sortie France en 1934]

Painted Faces (1929)

Mamba (1930)

Aloha (Aloha, la danseuse des dieux) (1931)

Suicide Fleet (L'étrange mission du Nordland) (1931)

Sweepstakes (Jeunesse triomphe) (1931)

The Tip-Off (1931)

Carnival Boat (La forêt en fête) (1932)

The Rider of Death Valley (Le cavalier de la vallée de la mort) (1932)

Air Hostess (L’enfant de l’escadrille) (1933)

The Wrecker (Le Démolisseur) (1933)

Below the Sea (Le trésor des mers) (1933)

East of Fifth Avenue (1933)

Fog (Brouillard) (1934)

No More Women (Au fond de l’océan) (1934)

The Hell Cat (1934)

Name the Woman (1934)

Among the Missing (1934)

Fugitive Lady (Ame traquée) (1934)

Escape from Devil's Island (Les évadés du l’île du diable) (1935)

Air Hawks (Le rayon diabolique) (1935)

Unknown Woman (1935)

Atlantic Adventure (Aventure transatlantique) (1935)

You May Be Next (Panique à la radio) (1936)

Roaming Lady (A la poursuite d'un cœur) (1936)

Grand Jury (1936)

Murder in Greenwich Village (Meurtre à Greenwich Village) (1937)

Start Cheering (Le commencement des réjouissances) (1938)

The Lone Wolf in Paris (Le loup solitaire à Paris) (1938)

City Streets (1938)

The Last Warning (Le dernier avertissement) (1938)

For Love or Money (L’argent ou l’amour) (1939)

Hawaiian Nights (Nuits d’Hawaï) (1939)

Laugh It off (1939)

I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby (1940)

Private Affairs (1940)

Lil' Abner (1940)

Argentine Nights (L'auberge des loufoques) (1940)

The Black Cat (Le chat noir) (1941)

Tight Shoes (Un drôle de pari) (1941)

Sailors on Leave (1941)

Public Enemies (Ennemis publics) (1941)

Sleepytime Gal (Une voix d’or) (1942)

Jail House Blues (1942)

Butch Minds the Baby (Le cambrioleur est bon enfant) (1942)

True to the Army (1942)

Priorities on Parade (La reine du swing) (1942)

Youth on Parade (1942)

Hit Parade of 1943 (Nouvel amour) (1943)

In Old Oklahoma (La ruée sanglante) (1943)

Love, Honor and Goodbye (id.) (1945)

Earl Carroll Sketchbook (Le dernier mot) (1946)

The Magnificent Rogue (id.) (1946)

Heaven Only Knows (Montana Mike) (1947)

Northwest Stampede (Le grand rodéo) (1948)

Song of India (La révolte des fauves) (1949)

The Admiral Was a Lady (L’amiral était une dame) (1950)

Before I Wake (L’ombre de la peur) (1955)

Smoke Jumpers (1958)