William K. Howard



Get Your Man (1921) [avec G. Hill] 

Play Square (1921)

What Love Will Do (1921)

Extra ! Extra ! (1922)

Deserted at the Altar (1922)

Captain Fly-by-Night (1922)

Lucky Dan (1922)

The Fourth Musketeer (1923)

Danger Ahead (1923)

Let's Go (1923)

The Border Legion (Les loups de la frontière) (1924)

East of Broadway (1924)

The Thundering Herd (La ruée sauvage) (1925)

Code of the West (Dans la fournaise) (1925)

The Light of the Western Stars (1925)

Red Dice (1926)

Bachelor Brides (1926)

Volcano (1926)

Gigolo (1926)

White Gold (La toison d'or) (1927)

The Main Event (Le grand événement) (1927)

A Ship Comes in (1928)

The River Pirate (1928)

Christina (1929)

The Valiant (Je suis un assassin) (1929)

Love, Live and Laugh (1929)

Good Intentions (La bande des huit reflets) (1930)

Scotland Yard (id.) (1930)

Don't Bet on Women (More than a Kiss) (1931)

Transatlantic (Transatlantique) (1931)

Surrender (1931)

The Trial of Vivienne Ware (Le procès de Vivienne Ware) (1932)

The First Year (Première année) (1932)

Sherlock Holmes (id.) (1932)

The Power and the Glory (Thomas Garner) (1933)

This Side of Heaven (Tendresse) (1934)

The Cat and the Fiddle (Le chat et le violon) (1934)

Evelyn Prentice (Le témoin imprévu) (1934)

Vanessa, Her Love Story (Vanessa, son histoire d’amour) (1935)

Rendezvous (Code secret) (1935)

Mary Burns, Fugitive (Mary Burns, fugitive) (1935)

The Princess Comes Across (Une princesse est à bord) (1936)

The Squeaker (Le Receleur) (1937)

Fire Over England (L'invincible armada) (1937)

Over the Moon (Mademoiselle Crésus) (1937) [avec T. Freeland] 

Back Door to Heaven (La marque du destin) (1939)

Money and the Woman (1940)

Bullets for O' Hara (1941)

Klondike Fury (Les neiges du Klondike) (1942)

Johnny Come Lately (Johnny le vagabond) (1943)

When the Lights Go on Again (Quand les lumières reviennent) (1944)

A Guy Could Change (1945)