Roy William Neill


A Corner in Colleens (1916)

The Girl Glory (1917)

The Mother Instinct (1917)

They're Off (1917)

The Price Mark (1917)

Love Letter (1917)

Vive la France (1918)

The Kaiser's Shadow (1918)

Flare-Up Sal (1918)

Love Me (1918)

Tyrant Fear (1918)

The Mating of Marcella (1918)

Green Eyes (1918)

Charge It to Me (1919)

Puppy Love (1919)

Trixie from Broadway (1919)

Career of Katherine Bush (1919)

The Bandbox (1919)

The Inner Voice (1920)

The Woman Gives (A la dérive) (1920)

Yes or No (1920)

Dangerous Business (1920)

Good References (1920)

Something Different (1921)

The Conquest of Canaan (1921)

The Idol of the North (1921)

The Iron Trail (1921)

What's Wrong With Women? (Mensonges de femmes) (1922)

Radio-Mania (1923)

Toilers of the Sea (Le secret du volcan) (1923)

Broken Laws (1924)

By Divine Right (1924)

Vanity's Price (1924)

Greater Than a Crown (1925)

The Kiss Barrier (1925)

Marriage in Transit (1925)

Percy (1925)

Free and Equal (1925)

Black Paradise (L’île des parias) (1926)

The City (1926)

The Cowboy and the Countess (Le cow-boy et la comtesse) (1926)

The Fighting Buckaroo (1926)

A Man Four-Square (1926)

The Arizona Wildcat (Oh! Tom…) (1927)

Marriage (1927)

Lady Raffles (Le collier de Mrs. Mills) (1928)

The Olympic Hero (1928)

San Francisco Nights (1928)

Behind Closed Doors (1929)

The Viking (Les Vikings) (1929)

Wall Street (1929)

Cock o' the Walk (1930)

Just Like Heaven (1930)

The Melody Man (1930)

The Good Bad Girl (1931)

The Avenger (L’ombre vengeresse) (1931)

Fifty Fathoms Deep (1931)

The Menace (1932)

That's My Boy (1932)

The Circus Queen Murder (Au cirque un jour) (1933)

As the Devil Commands (1933)

Above the Clouds (Les as du reportage) (1933)

Black Moon (1934)

Fury of the Jungle (Le tyran de la jungle) (1934)

The 9th Guest (1934)

Whirlpool (Tourbillon) (1934)

Blind Date (1934)

Jealousy (Jalousie) (1934)

I'll Fix It (1934)

The Black Room (Baron Gregor) (1935)

Eight Bells (Les rivaux de la mer) (1935)

Mills of the God (Ultime sacrifice) (1935)

Black Room Mystery (1935)

The Lone Wolf Returns (Le loup solitaire) (1936)

Dr. Syn (Capitaine Pirate) (1937)

Gypsy (Tzigane) (1937)

Simply Terrific (1938)

Thanks Evans (1938)

The Viper (1938)

Everything Happens to Me (1938)

Quiet Please (1938)

Double or Quits (1938)

Many Thanks Mr. Akins (1938)

Murder Will Out (1939)

Hoots Mon (1939)

His Brother's Keeper (1939)

A Gentleman's Gentleman (1939)

The Good Old Days (1940)

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (Sherlock Holmes et l'arme secrète) (1942)

Madame Spy (Elle était une espionne) (1942)

Eyes of the Underworld (Les yeux des bas-fonds) (1943)

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (Frankenstein rencontre le loup-garou) (1943)

Rhythm of the Islands (1943)

Sherlock Holmes in Washington (Sherlock Holmes à Washington) (1943)

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (Echec à la mort) (1944)

Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman (La femme aux araignées) (1944)

The Scarlet Claw (La griffe sanglante) (1944)

The Pearl of Death (La perle des Borgia) (1944)

Gypsy Wildcat (La fière Tzigane) (1944)

The House of Fear (La maison de la peur) (1944)

The Woman in Green (La femme en vert) (1945)

Pursuit to Algiers (Mission au soleil) (1945)

Terror by Night (Le train de la mort) (1946)

Dressed to Kill (La Clef) (1946)

Black Angel (L'ange noir) (1946)