Roy Ward Baker






The October Man (L'homme d'octobre) (1947)

The Weaker Sex (Faibles femmes) (1948)

Paper Orchid (1949)

Morning Departure (La nuit commence à l'aube) (1950)

Highly Dangerous (Mission dangereuse) (1950)

The House in the Square ou I'll Never Forget You (Le grand choc) (1951)

Don't Bother to Knock (Troublez-moi ce soir) (1952)

Night Without Sleep (Morton a-t-il tué?) (1952)

Inferno (La piste fatale) (1953)

Passage Home (1955)

Jacqueline (1956)

Tiger in the Smoke (1956)

The One that Got Away (L'évadé du camp I) (1957)

A Night to Remember (Atlantique latitude 41°) (1958)

The Singer not the Song (Le cavalier noir) (1961)

Flame in the Streets (Flammes dans la rue) (1961)

The Valiant (Alerte sur le Vaillant) (1962) [avec G. Capitani]

Two Left Feet (1963)

Quatermass and the Pit (Les monstres de l'espace) (1967)

The Anniversary (1967)

The Fiction Makers (1968)

Journey to Midnight (1968) [avec A. Gibson] 

Moon Zero Two (Alerte satellite 02) (1969)

The Vampire Lovers (id.) (1970)

The Scars of Dracula (Les cicatrices de Dracula) (1970)

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (Dr. Jekyll et Sister Hyde) (1971)

Asylum (id.) (1972)

The Vault of Horror (1973)

And Now the Screaming Starts (1973)

The Legend of the Golden Vampires (Les sept vampires d'or) (1974)

Mission : Monte Carlo (1974)

The Monster Club (1980)