Richard Wallace




Syncopating Sue (1926)

Raggedy Rose (1926)

McFadden's Flats (Appartements à louer) (1927)

The Poor Nut (1927)

American Beauty (1927)

A Texas Steer (1927)

Lady Be Good (1928)

The Butter and Egg Man (1928)

The Shopworn Angel (Le rêve immolé) (1928)

Innocents of Paris (La chanson de Paris) (1929)

River of Romance (1929)

Seven Days Leave (La vieille maman) (1930)

Anybody's War (1930)

The Right to Love (1930)

Man of the World (id.) (1931)

Kick In (id.) (1931)

The Road to Reno (Le chemin du divorce) (1931)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1932)

Thunder Below (La foudre d’en bas) (1932)

The Masquerader (Le masque de l’autre) (1933)

Eight Girls in a Boat (Huit jeunes filles en bateau) (1934)

The Little Minister (Le petit ministre) (1934)

Wedding Present (Bonne blague) (1936)

John Meade's Woman (Deux femmes) (1937)

Blossoms on Broadway (1937)

The Young in Heart (La famille Sans-souci) (1938)

The Under-Pup (Les petites pestes) (1939)

Captain Caution (Capitaine Casse-cou) (1940)

A Girl, a Guy and a Gob (Son patron et son matelot) (1941)

She Knew All the Answers (Allo je t’aime) (1941)

Obliging Young Lady (1941)

The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942)

A Night to Remember (Une nuit inoubliable) (1943)

Bombardier (id.) (1943)

The Fallen Sparrow (L’espion d’Hitler ou Nid d’espions) (1943)

My Kingdom for a Cook (1943)

Bride by Mistake (Fiancée par erreur) (1944)

It's in the Bag (La cinquième chaise) (1945)

Kiss and Tell (L'apprentie amoureuse) (1945)

Because of Him (Par sa faute) (1946)

Framed (Traquée) (1947)

Sinbad the Sailor (Sindbad le marin) (1947)

Tycoon (Taïkoun) (1947)

Let's Live a Little (Vivons un peu) (1948)

Adventure in Baltimore (Un délicieux scandale) (1949)

A Kiss for Corliss (L’amour a toujours raison) (1949)