Peter Godfrey


Down River (1931)

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (L’empreinte du loup solitaire) (1939)

Unexpected Uncle (Oncle malgré lui) (1941)

Highways by Night (1942)

Make Your Own Bed (1944)

Christmas in Connecticut ou Indiscretion (Indiscrétion) (1945)

Hotel Berlin (1945)

One More Tomorrow (1946)

Cry Wolf (Le loup des trois collines) (1947)

The Two Mrs. Carrolls (La seconde  Madame Carroll) (1947)

Escape Me Never (Tu ne m’échapperas pas ou Ne me quitte jamais) (1947)

That Hagen Girl (Scandale en Floride) (1947)

The Woman in White (La dame en blanc) (1948)

The Decision of Christopher Blake (1948)

The Girl from Jones Beach (Vénus devant ses juges) (1949)

One Last Fling (1949)

Barricade (id.) (1950)

The Great Jewel Robber (Gentleman cambrioleur) (1950)

He's a Cockeyed Wonder (Le grand Freddy) (1950)

One Big Affair (1952)

One Life (1955)

Please Murder Me (Tuez-moi ce soir) (1956)