Lewis Seiler






Darwin Was Right (1924)

The Butterfly Man (1925)

No Man's Gold (1925)

A Bankrupt Honeymoon (1926)

The Great K. and A. Train Robbery (1926)

The Last Trail (1927)

Outlaws of Red River (1927)

Tumbling River (1927)

Wolf Fangs (La meute féroce) (1927)

Square Crooks (Dans les transes) (1928)

The Ghost Talks (1928)

The Air Circus (1928)

Girls Gone Wild (1929)

A Song of Kentucky (Rhapsodie fantastique) (1929)

El Impostor (1931)

Hay que Casar al Principe (Il faut marier le Prince) (1931)

La Ley del Harem (1931)

Mi Ultimo Amor (Mon dernier amour) (1931)

The Circus Show-Up (1932)

Deception (Pancrace) (1932)

No Greater Love (Papa Cohen) (1932)

Frontier Marshal (Le Justicier) (1934)

Charlie Chan in Paris (Charlie Chan à Paris) (1935)

Asegure a su Mujer (1935)

Ginger (id.) (1935)

Paddy O'Day (id.) (1935)

Here Comes Trouble (1936)

Star for a Night (1936)

Career Woman (1936)

The First Baby (Le premier né) (1936)

Turn Off the Moon (Eteignez la lune) (1937)

He Couldn't Say No (1937)

Penrod's Double Trouble (1938)

Crime School (L'école du crime) (1938)

Heart of the North (Troubles au Canada) (1938)

King of the Underworld (Hommes sans loi) (1939)

You Can't Get Away with Murder (Le Châtiment) (1939)

Hell's Kitchen (1939)

Dust Be My Destiny (Jeunesse triomphante) (1939)

The Kid from Kokomo (Une étrange famille) (1939)

It All Came True (Rendez-vous à minuit) (1940)

Flight Angels (Quand les femmes ont des ailes) (1940)

Murder in the Air (1940)

Tugboat Annie Sails Again (Capitaine en jupon) (1940)

South of Suez (Au Sud de Suez ou L’étoile d’Afrique) (1940)

Kisses for Breakfast (1941)

The Smiling Ghost (1941)

You're in the Army Now (Jimmy s’en va-t-en guerre) (1941)

International Squadron (Escadrille internationale) (1941) [avec L. Mendes]

The Big Shot (Le Caïd) (1941)

Beyond the Line of Duty (1942)

Divide and Conquer (1942)

Pittsburgh (La fièvre de l'or noir) (1942)

Guadalcanal Diary (Guadalcanal) (1943)

Something for the Boys (Quand l’amour manoeuvre) (1944)

Doll Face (Rêves d’étoiles)(1945)

Molly and Me (1945)

If I'm Lucky (1946)

Whiplash (Sous le fouet) (1948)

Breakthrough (Le grand assaut) (1950)

The Tanks Are Coming (Les tanks arrivent) (1951)

Winning Team (1952)

Operation Secret (Opération secrète) (1952)

The System (Le Système) (1953)

The Bamboo Prison (La prison de bambou) (1955)

Women's Prison (Femmes en prison) (1955)

Battle Stations (L'enfer du Pacifique) (1956)

Over-Exposed (1956)

The True Story of Lynn Stuart (Dans les griffes du gang) (1958)