Lawrence Huntington


After Many Years (1929)

Romance in Rhythm (1934)

Strange Cargo (1936)

Two on a Doorstep (1936)

Full Speed Ahead (1936)

Café Mascott (1936)

Bad Boy (1936)

Passenger to London (1937)

The Bank Messenger Mystery (1937)

Twin Faces (1938)

The Patient Vanishes ou This Man is Dangerous (Rapt de femmes) (1941)

Tower of Terror (La tour de la terreur) (1941)

Suspected Person (1942)

Women Aren't Angels (1942)

Warn That Man (1943)

Night Boat to Dublin (Service secret contre bombe atomique) (1946)

Wanted for Murder (Recherché pour meurtre) (1946)

When the Bough Breaks (1947)

The Upturned Glass (La vengeance du Dr. Joyce) (1947)

Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill (1948)

Man on the Run (Le Déserteur) (1949)

The Franchise Affair (1951)

There Was a Young Lady (1953)

Destination Milan (id.) (1954) [avec J. Gilling et L. Arliss]

Contraband Spain (Meurtre, drogue et compagnie) (1955) [avec J. Salvador]

Deadly Record (1959)

Stranglehold (1962)

The Fur Collar (1962)

Death Drums Along the River (Sanders) (1964)

The Vulture (1966)