Lance Comfort


Penn of Pennsylvania (1941)

Hatter's Castle (Le chapelier et son château) (1941)

Those Kids from Town (1942)

Squadron Leader X (Chef d’escadrille) (1942)

Old Mother Riley Detective (1943)

When We Are Married (1943)

Escape to Danger (1944)

Hotel Reserve (id.) (1944)

Great Day (1945)

Bedelia (La perle noire) (1946)

Temptation Harbour (Le port de la tentation) (1947)

Daughter of Darkness (La fille maudite) (1948)

Silent Dust (L'homme à la cicatrice) (1949)

Portrait of Clare (Les maris de Lady Clara) (1950)

The Genie (1952) [avec L. Huntington] 

Eight O'Clock Walk (1952)

Girl on the Pier (1953)

The Last Moment (1954)

Bang! You're Dead (1954)

Faccia da Mascalzone (Figure de fripouille) (1955) [avec R. Andreassi]

The Man in the Road (1957)

At the Stroke of Nine (1957)

Man from Tangier (L'homme de Tanger) (1957)

Rag Doll (1958)

Face in the Night (1958)

The Ugly Duckling (1959)

Make Mine a Million (1959)

Touch of Death (1961)

The Breaking Point (1961)

Pit of Darkness (1961)

The Painted Smile (1962)

Touch of Death (1962)

Live it up (1963)

The Break (L’Evasion) (1963)

Blind Corner (1963)

Tomorrow at Ten (1964)

Devils of Darkness (Orgie satanique) (1964)

Be My Guest (1965)