Joseph Santley












The Cocoanuts (Noix de coco) (1929) [avec R. Florey]

Swing High (La Revanche) (1930)

The Loudspeaker (1934)

Young and Beautiful (Rien que nous deux) (1934)

Million Dollar Baby (1935)

Harmony Lane (Sa dernière chanson) (1935)

Waterfront Lady (1935)

Frisco Waterfront (1935)

Laughing Irish Eyes (1936)

Dancing Feet (1936)

Her Master's Voice (1936)

The Harcester (1936)

We Went to College (1936)

Walking on Air (Faisons un vœu) (1936)

Smartest Girl in Town (Une jeune fille délurée) (1936)

Meet the Missus (Nouilles au bluff) (1937)

There Goes the Groom (1937)

She's Got Everything (La belle et le fisc) (1938)

Blond Cheat (1938)

Always in Trouble (1938)

Swing, Sister, Swing (La Fugitive) (1938)

The Spirit of Culver (Les cadets de Culver)(1939)

The Family Next Door (1939)

Two Bright Boys (1939)

Music in my Heart (Musique dans mon coeur) (1940)

Melody and Moonlight (1940)

Melody Ranch (Mélodie du ranch) (1940)

Behind the News (1940)

Sis Hopkins (1941)

Dancing on a Dime (1941)

Puddin' Head (Judy à Broadway) (1941)

Down Mexico Way (Sur la route de Mexico ou Nuits mexicaines) (1941)

Rookies on Parade (1941)

Ice-Capades (1941)

A Tragedy at Midnight (1942)

Yokel Boy (1942)

Remember Pearl Harbor (id.) (1942)

Joan of Ozark (Judy, espionne improvisée) (1942)

Call of the Canyon (Le chant du canyon) (1942)

Chatterbox (Le Bluffeur) (1943)

Shantytown (1943)

Thumbs Up (1943)

Sleepy Lagoon (1943)

Here Comes Elmer (1943)

Goodnight Sweetheart (1944)

Rosie the Riveter (1944)

Brazil (id.) (1944)

Jamboree (id.) (1944)

Three Little Sisters (1944)

Earl Carroll Vanities (1945)

Hitchhike to Happiness (1945)

Shadow of a Woman (L’ombre d’une femme) (1946)

Make Believe Ballroom (1949)

When You're Smiling (Quand tu souris) (1950)