John Paddy Carstairs


Paris Plane (1933)

Night Ride (1937)

Missing, Believed Married (1937)

Holiday's End (1937)

Incident in Shanghai (1937)

Double Exposures (1937)

Lassie from Lancashire (1938)

The Second Mr. Bush (1939)

The Saint in London (Le Saint à Londres) (1939)

Spare a Copper (Un drôle de flic) (1940)

Meet Maxwell Archer (Maxwell Archer, détective) (1940)

He Found a Star (1941)

Dancing with Crime (1947)

Sleeping Car to Trieste (De Paris à Trieste) (1948)

The Chiltern Hundreds (Politique et lapins) (1949)

Fools Rush in (1949)

Tony Draws a Horse (1950)

Talk of a Million (1951)

Treasure Hunt (1952)                                                                       

Made in Heaven (Ménage sans bonne) (1952)

Top of the Form (Les marrants terribles) (1953)

Trouble in Store (Le roi de la pagaille) (1953)

Up to his Neck (1954)

One Good Turn (Plus on est de fous) (1954)

Man of the Moment (Norman diplomate) (1955)

Jumping for Joy (1955)

The Big Money (In Ze Pocket) (1956)

Up in the World (Grain de sel) (1956)

Just my Luck (C’est bien ma veine) (1957)

The Square Peg (Un parachute pour M. Pitkin) (1958)

Tommy the Toreador (Tommy toréador) (1959)

Sands of the Desert (1960)

A Weekend with Lulu (1961)

The Devil's Agent (L'espion du diable) (1962)