John Irvin


The Dogs of War (Les chiens de guerre) (1981)

Ghost Story (Le fantôme de Milburn) (1981)

Champions (1983)

Turtle Diary (Turtle) (1984)

Raw Deal (Le Contrat) (1985)

Hamburger Hill (id.) (1987)

Next of Kin (1989)

Eminent Domain (La guerre des nerfs) (1990)

Robin Hood (Robin des Bois) (1991)

Widow's Peak (Parfum de scandale) (1994)

Freefall (1994)

A Month by the Lake (1996)

City of Industry (City of Crime) (1998)

Shiner (2000)

The Fourth Angel (Vengeance secrète) (2001)

The Boys from County Clare (2003)

Dot. Kill (2004)

The Fine Art of Love : Mine Ha-Ha (2005)

The Moon and the Stars (2007)

The Garden of Eden (2010)