John G. Blystone




A Friendly Husband (1923)

Soft Boiled (1923)

Our Hospitality (Les lois de l'hospitalité) (1923) [avec B. Keaton]

Ladies to Board (1924)

Oh You Tony (1924)

The Last Man on Earth (1924)

Teeth (1924)

Dick Turpin (1925)

The Lucky Horseshoe (1925)

The Everlasting Whisper (1925)

The Best Bad Man (1925)

My Own Pal (1926)

Hard Boiled (1926)

The Family Upstairs (1926)

Wings of the Storm (1926)

Ankles Preferred (1927)

Slaves of Beauty (1927)

Pajamas (La belle apprivoisée) (1927)

Sharp Shooters (Amours de marins) (1928)

Mother Knows Best (1928)

Captain Lash (Capitaine Swing) (1929)

Thru Different Eyes (1929)

The Sky Hawk (Le Vautour) (1929)

The Big Party (1930)

So this is London (1930)

Tol'able David (Quand une maman pleure) (1930)

Mr. Lemon of Orange (1931)

Men on Call (1931)

Young Sinners (id.) (1931)

She Wanted a Millionaire (Elle veut un milliardaire)  (1932)

Charlie Chan's Chance (La chance de Charlie Chan) (1932)

Amateur Daddy (Papa amateur) (1932)

Painted Woman (1932)

Too Busy to Work (Too Busy to Work ou Jubilo) (1932)

Hot Pepper (Mademoiselle Dynamite) (1933)

Shanghai Madness (1933)

My Lips Betray (La 40 CV du roi) (1933)

Coming out Party (La soirée de Miss Stanhope) (1934)

Change of Heart (Premier amour) (1934)

Hell in the Heavens (1934)

The County Chairman (Le démon de la politique) (1935)

Bad Boy (1935)

Gentle Julia (1936)

Little Miss Nobody (1936)

Magnificent Brute (La brute magnifique) (1936)

Great Guy (Le brave Johnny) (1936)

23 Hours 1/2 Leave (Tout va très bien) (1937)

Woman Chases Man (Madame poursuit monsieur) (1937)

Music for Madame (Musique pour madame) (1937)

Swiss Miss (Les montagnards sont là) (1938)

Blockheads (Têtes de pioche) (1938)