James Hill





The Stolen Plans (Plans secrets) (1952)

The Clue of the Missing Ape  - L’énigme de Gibraltar (1953)

Peril for the Guy (1956)

Mystery in the Mine (1959)

The Kitchen (1961)

The Dock Brief (1962)

Lunch Hour (1962)

Everyday's a Holiday (1964)

A Study in Terror (Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'éventreur) (1965)

Born Free (Vivre libre) (1965)

Die Holle von Macao - The Corrupt Ones (Les Corrompus) (1966)

Journey into Darkness (1968) [avec P. Sasdy]

An Elephant Called Slowly (1969)

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (Le capitaine Nemo et la ville sous-marine) (1969)

Man from O.R.G.Y. (1970)

Black Beauty (1970)

The Belstone Fox (1973)

The Man from Nowhere (1975)

London Conspiracy (1976) [avec D. Greene]

Owain, Prince of Wales (1983)