Hamilton MacFadden


Are You There? (1930)

Crazy That Way (1930)

Harmony at Home (1930)

Oh, for a Man! (L’amant de minuit) (1930)

The Black Camel (Le chameau noir) (1931)

Charlie Chan Carries On (Charlie Chan à la rescousse ou Lequel ?) (1931)

Riders of the Purple Sage (Vengé) (1931)

Their Mad Moment (1931)

Cheaters at Play (1932)

Second Hand Wife (Le triomphe de l’amour) (1933)

Trick for Trick (1933)

Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (Charlie Chan’s Case) (1933)

The Fourth Horseman (Le quatrième cavalier) (1933)

The Man Who Dared (1933)

As Husbands Go (1934)

Hold That Girl (Miss risque-tout) (1934)

Stand Up and Cheer! (Le ministère des amusements) (1934)

She Was a Lady (1934)

Elinor Norton (id.) (1934)

Fighting Youth (1935)

The Legion of Missing Men (La legion des égarés) (1937)

It Can't Last Forever (1937)

Sea Racketeers (Ecumeurs de la mer) (1937)

Three Legionnaires (1937)

Escape by Night (Evadé la nuit) (1937)

Inside the Law (1942)

Youth for the Kingdom (1945)