George Blair


Silent Partner (1944)

End of the Road (1944)

Thoroughbreds (Le jockey amoureux) (1944)

Secrets of Scotland Yard (Les secrets de Scotland Yard) (1944)

Gangs of the Waterfront (1945)

A Sporting Chance (1945)

Scotland Yard Investigator (Une enquête de Scotland Yard) (1945)

G.I. War Brides (1946)

Affairs of Geraldine (1946)

Gay Blades (1946)

The Trespasser (1947)

That's My Gal (1947)

Exposed (Face à l’ennemi) (1947)

The Ghost Goes Wild (La duchesse et ses fantômes) (1947)

Homicide for Three (1948)

Madonna of the Desert (1948)

Lightnin' in the Forest (1948)

King of Gamblers (1948)

Daredevils of the Clouds (1948)

Daughter of the Jungle (L'héritière de la jungle) (1948)

Duke of Chicago (1949)

Rose of the Yukon (Le traître de l’Alaska) (1949)

Streets of San Francisco (1949)

Flaming Fury (1949)

Post Office Investigator (1949)

Alias the Champ (Georges le magnifique) (1949)

Unmasked (1950)

Federal Agent at Large (La taverne de San Pedro) (1950)

Woman from Headquarters (1950)

Destination Big House (1950)

Lonely Heart Bandits (1950)

Under Mexicali Stars (1950)

The Missourians (1950)

Secrets of Monte Carlo (1951)

Silver City Bonanza (1951)

Insurance Investigator (1951)

Thunder in God's Country (1951)

Desert pursuit (1952)

Woman in the Dark (1952)

Perils of the Jungle (1953)

Superman's Peril (1954) [avec T. Carr] 

Superman in Scotland Yard (1954) [avec T. Carr] 

Superman in Exile (1954) [avec T. Carr] 

Superman Flies Again (1954) [avec T. Carr] 

Superman and the Jungle Devil (1954) [avec T. Carr] 

The Twinkle in God's Eye (Whisky, miracles et revolvers) (1955)

Jaguar (id.) (1956)

Fighting Trouble (1956)

Sabu and the Magic Ring (Sabu et l’anneau magique) (1957)

Spook Chasers (1957)

The Hypnotic Eye (Magie noire) (1960)