Elmer Clifton


The Artist's Wife (1915)

The Flame of Youth (1917)

The High Sign (1917)

The Midnight Man (1917)

High Speed (1917)

Her Official Fathers (1917)

The Love Claim (1917)

A Stormy Knight (1917)

Flirting with Death (1917)

The Man Trap (1917)

The Flash of Fate (1918)

The Two-Soul Woman (1918)

Safe for Democracy (1918) [avec J.S. Blackton]

Brace Up (1918)

The Guilt of Silence (1918)

The Eagle (1918)

Smashing Through (1918)

Winner Takes All (1918)

Battling Jane (1918)

Kiss or Kill (1918)

The Hope Chest (1918)

Boots (1919)

Peppy Polly (1919)

I'll Get him yet (1919)

Nugget Nell (1919)

Nobody Home (1919)

Turning the Tables (1919)

Mary Ellen Comes to Town (La vocation de Marie) (1920)

Down to the Sea in Ships (Le Harpon) (1922)

Six Cylinder Love (1923)

The Warrens of Virginia (1923)

Daughters of the Night (1924)

The Truth About Men (1926)

Wives at Auction (1926)

The Wreck of the Hesperus (Le naufrage de l'Hesperus) (1927)

Let 'er Go Gallegher (1928)

Virgin Lips (Le café du diable) (1928)

Beautiful but Dumb (Le jeu délicat) (1928)

Tropical Nights (Passion sous les Tropiques) (1928)

The Bride of the Colorado (1928)

The Devil's Apple Tree (1929)

Maid to Order (1930)

Dark Endeavour (1933)

Captured in Chinatown (Révolte à Chinatown) (1935)

Rip Roaring Riley (Le mystère de l’ile aux diamants) (1935)

Skull and Crown (La fin de Zorro) (1935)

Pals of the Range (1935)

Cyclone of the Saddle (1935)

Rough Riding Ranger (1935)

Fighting Caballero (1935)

Gambling with Souls (Maisons de jeu) (1936)

Wildcat Trooper (1936)

Ten Laps to Go (1936)

Custer's Last Stand (Les vengeurs de Buffalo Bill) (1936)

Death in the Air ou Pilot X (Le pilote X) (1937)

Mile a Minute Love ou Crime Afloat (1937)

Slaves in Bondage (1937)

Assassin of Youth (1937)

The Secret of Treasure Island (Le secret de l’île au trésor) (1938)

Wolves of the Sea (Les forbans du Pacifique) (1938)

Paroled from the Big House (Sous la lanterne) (1938)

Law of the Texan (La loi de l’Ouest) (1938)

California Frontier (1938)

The Stranger from Arizona (1938)

Crashing Thru (1939)

Isle of Destiny (L’île de la destinée) (1940)

The City of Missing Girls (1941)

I'll Sell my Life (1941)

Hard Guy (1941)

Swamp Woman (Femme en détresse) (1942)

Deep in the Heart of Texas (Au coeur du Texas) (1942)

The Sundown Kid (1942)

The Old Chisholm Trail (La piste de l’Ouest) (1943)

The Blocked Trail (1943)

Days of Old Cheyenne (Mon vieux Cheyenne) (1943)

Frontier Law (La loi du ranch) (1943)

Captain America (1944) [avec J. English]

The Return of the Rangers (1944)

Seven Doors to Death (1944)

Boss of Rawhide (1944)

Guns of the Law (Une arme pour la loi) (1944)

The Pinto Bandit (Le courrier de la mort) (1944)

Spook Town (1944)

Dead or Alive (La poursuite tragique) (1944)

The Whispering Skull (1944)

Youth Aflame (Jeunesse ardente) (1944)

Gangsters of the Frontier (1944)

Marked for Murder (La cicatrice fatale) (1945)

Swing, Cowboy, Swing (1946)

The Judge (Le Juge) (1948)

Not Wanted (Avant de t’aimer) (1949)

Red Rock Outlaw (1949)

The Silver Bandit (1950)