Dorothy Arzner


Fashions for Women (1927)

Ten Modern Commandments (1927)

Get Your Man (1927)

Manhattan Cocktail (1928)

The Wild Party (1929)

Sarah and Son (id.) (1930) [version américaine d’un film d’Alberto Cavalcanti]

Paramount on Parade (Paramount en parade) (1930) [en co-réalisation]

Anybody's Woman (1930)

Honor Among Lovers (1931)

Working Girls (1931)

Merrily we Go to Hell (1932)

Christopher Strong (La phalène d'argent) (1933)

Nana (id.) (1934)

Craig's Wife (L'obsession de Mme Craig) (1936)

The Bride Wore Red (L'inconnue du palace) (1937)

Dance Girl Dance (1940)

First Comes Courage (Duel dans la nuit) (1943)