Crane Wilbur


Tomorrow's Children (Les enfants de demain) (1934)

High School Girl (1935)

The People's Enemy (1935)

Yellow Cargo (Le cargo jaune) (1936)

El Carnaval del Diablo (1936)

The Rest Cure ou We're in the Legion Now (Vive la Légion) (1936)

The Devil on Horseback (La belle captive) (1936)

Navy Spy (1937)

The Romance of Louisiana (1937)

The Man Without a Country (1937)

The Romance of Robert Burns (1937)

The Patient in Room 18 (1938)

The Declaration of Independence (1938)

Swingtime in the Movies (1938)

Sons of the Plains (1938)

The Man Who Dared (1939)

The Right Way (1939)

Quiet, Please (1939)

The Bill of Rights (1939)

The Monroe Doctrine (1939)

A Day at Santa Anita (1939)

Old Hickory (1940)

I Won't Play (1944)

Proudly We Serve (1944)

I Am an American (1944)

The Devil on Wheels (1947)

Canon City (id.) (1948)

The Story of Molly X (Molly X ou Le mystère de Molly) (1949)

Outside the Wall (J’ai grandi en prison) (1950)

Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (Les révoltés de Folsom Prison) (1951)

No Pets Allowed (1952)

The Bat (Le Masque) (1959)

House of Women (La révolte des filles perdues) (1962) [avec W. Doniger]