Charles Reisner



The Man on the Box (1925)

Oh ! What a Nurse ! (1926)

The Better 'Ole (1926)

The Fortune Hunter (1926)

What Every Girl Should Know (1927)

The Missing Link (1927)

Steamboat Bill Jr. (Cadet d'eau douce) (1928)

Fools for Luck (Ce bon M. Hunter) (1928)

Brotherly Love (1928)

Noisy Neighbors (1929)

China Bound (1929)

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (Hollywood Revue ou Hollywood chante et danse) (1929)

Chasing Rainbows (Chasseurs de rêves) (1930)

Caught Short (Pension de famille) (1930)

Love in the Rough (1930)

The March of Time (1930)

Reducing (Ma soeur masseuse) (1931)

Stepping Out (1931)

Politics (Election orageuse) (1931)

Flying High (Dans la stratosphere) (1931)

Divorce in the Family (Divorce dans la famille ou Grand coeur) (1932)

The Chief (Le chef des pompiers) (1933)

You Can't Buy Everything (1934)

The Show-Off (1934)

Student Tour (1934)

The Winning Ticket (1935)

It's in the Air (Escrocs de haut vol) (1935)

Everybody Dance (Tout le monde danse) (1936)

Murder Goes to College (1937)

Sophie Lang Goes West (Sophie Lang s’évade) (1937)

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (Manhattan Folies 1939) (1937)

Winter Carnival (Reine d’un jour) (1939)

The Big Store (Les Marx Brothers au grand magasin) (1941)

This Time for Keeps (Le souvenir de vos lèvres) (1942)

Harrigan's Kid (1943)

Meet the People (1944)

Lost in a Harem (Aventures au harem) (1944)

The Cobra Strikes (1948)

In This Corner (1948)

Traveling Saleswoman (1950)