B. Reeves Eason


The Silver Lining (1915)

The Solution of the Mystery (1915)

The Spirit of the Adventure (1915)

The Day of the Reckoning (1915)

The Assayer of Lone Gap (1915)

Nine-Tenths of the Law (1918)

The Four-Bit Man (1919)

The Crow (1919)

The Tell Tale Wire (1919)

Held up for the Makin's (1920)

The Rattler's Hiss (1920)

The Texas Kid (1920)

Human Stuff (1920)

Blue Streak McCoy (1920)

The Moon Riders (1920) [avec T. Wharton]

Pink Tights (1920)

Two Kinds of Love (1920)

A Nose in the Book (1920)

Red Courage (1921)

The Big Adventure (1921)

Colorado (1921)

The Fire Eater (1921)

Pardon my Nerve (1922)

When East Comes West (1922)

Roughshod (1922)

The Lone Hand (1922)

His Last Race (1923) [avec H. Mitchell]

Around the World in 18 Days (1923) [avec R. Hill]

Tiger Thompson (1924)

Women First (1924)

Trigger Finger (1924)

Flashing Spurs (1924)

The Texas Bearcat (1925)

Fighting Youth (1925)

Border justice (1925)

Fighting the Flames (1925)

The New Champion (1925)

The Shadow on the Wall (1925)

A Fight to the Finish (1925)

The Test of Donald Norton (1926)

Lone Hand Saunders (1926)

The Sign of the Claw (1926)

Johnny Get Your Hair Cut (Jackie Jockey) (1927) [avec A. Mayo]

The Denver Dude (1927)

Painted Ponies (1927)

Galloping Fury (1927)

The Prairie King (1927)

Through Thick and Thin (1927) [avec J. Nelson]

A Trick of Hearts (1928)

Riding for Fame (1928)

Clearing the Trail (1928)

The Flyin' Cowboy (1928)

The Lariat Kid (1929)

The Winged Horseman (1929) [avec A. Rosson]

Troopers Three (Trois de la cavalerie) (1930) [avec N. Taurog]

Roaring Ranch (Jim Dailey et son ranch ou Le ranch de Noé) (1930) [avec A. Rosson]

Trigger Tricks (Les voleurs de la prairie ou Le repaire des maudits) (1930)

Spurs (La poursuite infernale) (1930)

King of the Wild (Le roi de la jungle) (1931) [avec R. Thorpe]

The Galloping Ghost (1931) [avec A. Schaefer]

The Vanishing Legion (La légion invisible) (1931)

The Last of the Mohicans (Le dernier des Mohicans) (1932) [avec F. Beebe]

Sunset Trail (1932)

Honor of the Press (1932)

Shadow of the Eagle (1932) [avec F. Beebe]

Heart Punch (1932)

Behind Jury Doors (1933)

Revenge at Monte Carlo (1933)

Cornered (1933)

Alimony Madness (1933)

Dance Hall Hostess (1933)

Neighbor's Wives (1933)

Her Resale Value (1933)

Mystery Mountain (Le mystère du Colorado) (1933) [avec O. Brower]

The Law of the Wild (Le démon noir) (1934) [avec A. Schaefer]

Hollywood Hoodlum (1934)

The Evil Eye of Kalinor (1934)

The Phantom Empire (L’empire des fantômes) (1935) [avec O. Brower]

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (Les aventures de Rex et Rinty) (1935) [avec F. Beebe]

The Fighting Marines (L’ile des rayons de la mort) (1935) [avec J. Kane]

The Miracle Rider (Le cavalier Miracle) (1935) [avec A. Schaefer]

Red River Valley (Les dynamiteurs de River Valley) (1936)

Darkest Africa (La nation des ailes) (1936) [avec J. Kane]

Undersea Kingdom (Le royaume sous-marin) (1936) [avec J. Kane]

Land Beyond the Law (Pays sans loi) (1937)

Empty Holsters (Crime au Far West) (1937)

Prairie Thunder (La révolte des Indiens) (1937)

The Kid Comes Back (Le Défi) (1938)

Daredevil Drivers (1938)

Army Girl (1938) [avec G. Nichols Jr.]

Call of the Yukon (La grande débâcle) (1938) [avec J.T. Coyle]

Sergeant Murphy (1938)

Blue Montana Skies (1939)

Mountain Rhythm (Les joyeux vagabonds) (1939)

Men with Steel Faces (1940) [avec O. Brower]

Meet the Fleet (1940)

Spy Ship (Navire espion) (1942)

Murder in the Big House (1942)

The Phantom (Le fantôme du Bengale) (1943)

Murder on the Waterfront (1943)

Truck Busters (1943)

Black Arrow (1944) [avec L. Landers]

The Desert Hawk (L'aigle des sables) (1944)

‘Neath Canadian Skies (Sous le soleil canadien) (1946) [MM]

North of the Border (Alerte à la frontière) (1946) [MM]

Rimfire (L’implacable défi) (1949)