Allan Dwan






Branding a Bad Man (1911)

The Yiddisher Cowboy (1911)

Three Million Dollars (1911)

The Poisoned Flume (1911)

The Gunman (1911)

The Gold Lust (1911)

The Angel of Paradise Ranch (1911)

A Western Drama (1911)

Rattlesnakes and Gunpowder (1911)

After School (1912)

The Agitator (1912)

The Fear (1912)

Maiden and Men (1912)

The Power of Love (1912)

The Mormon (1912)

The Marauders (1912)

The Locket (1912)

The Haters (1912)

The Green-Eyed Monster (1912)

Fidelity (1912)

The Coward (1912)

Calamity Anne's Ward (1912)

The Brand (1912)

The Battleground (1912)

The Animal Within (1912)

When the Light Fades (1913)

Transgression of Manuel (1913)

The Homestead Race (1913)

Suspended Sentence (1913)

The Road to Ruin (1913)

Woman and War (1913)

The Spirit of the Flag (1913)

In Love and War (1913)

The Powder Flash of Death (1913)

The Picket Guard (1913)

Mental Suicide (1913)

The Animal (1913)

The Wall of Money (1913)

Brother Love (1913)

Man's Duty (1913)

The Echo of a Song (1913)

Criminals (1913)

The Restless Spirit (1913)

Jewels of Sacrifice (1913)

Back to Life (1913)

The Barrier of Bars (1913)

Red Margaret, Moonshiner (1913)

Bloodhounds of the North (1913)

The Field Foreman (1913)

The Wordless Message (1913)

When Luck Changes (1913) [avec W. Reid]

The Menace (1913)

Her Innocent Marriage (1913) [avec W. Reid]

Hearts and Horses (1913) [avec W. Reid]

The Fugitive (1913)

Cupid Throws a Brick (1913)

The Chase (1913)

Calamity Anne Detective (1913)

A Rose of Old Mexico (1913) [avec W. Reid]

The Battle of Wills (1913)

Ashes of Three (1913)

Another Man's Wife (1913)

Angel of the Canyons (1913)

Richelieu (1913)

The Lie (1914)

The County Chairman (1914)

Wildflower (1914)

The Honor of the Mounted (1914)

Remember Mary Magdalen (1914)

Discord and Harmony (1914)

The Menace of Carlotta (1914)

The Embezzler (1914)

The End of the Feud (1914)

The Tragedy of Whispering Creek (1914)

The Unlawful Trade (1914)

The Forbidden Room (1914)

Hopes of a Blind Alley (1914)

The Lamb, the Woman, the Wolf (1914)

The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch (1914)

Man on the Case (1914)

The Dancing Girl (1915)

The Straight Road (1915)

David Harum (1915)

The Smalltown Girl (1915)

The Conspiracy (1915)

The Pretty Sister of Jose (1915)

The Love Route (1915)

The Commanding Officer (1915)

May Blossom (1915)

A Girl of Yesterday (1915)

The Foundling (1915)

The Country Boy (1915)

Jordan is a Hard Road (1915)

Betty of Greystone (1916)

The Habit of Happiness (1916)

The Good Bad Man (1916)

An Innocent Magdalene (Les parents fautent, les enfants paient) (1916)

The Half-Breed (1916)

Manhattan Madness (Une aventure a New York) (1916)

Fifty-Fifty (1916)

Accusing Evidence (1916)

Moonshine Blood (1916)

Panthea (1916)

The Fighting Odds (1917)

A Modern Musketeer (Un nouveau d'Artagnan) (1917)

Headin' South (Douglas for Ever) (1918)

Mr. Fix it (Un Charmeur) (1918)

Bound in Morocco (Douglas au pays des mosquées) (1918)

He Comes up Smiling (Douglas a le sourire) (1918)

Cheating Cheaters (1918)

Getting Mary Married (1919)

The Dark Star (1919)

Soldiers of Fortune (Le Dictateur) (1919)

The Luck of the Irish (1919)

A Splendid Hazard (1920)

The Scoffer (1921)

In the Heart of a Fool (1921)

The Forbidden Thing (1921)

A Perfect Crime (Le crime parfait) (1921)

A Broken Doll (1921)

The Sin of Martha Queed (1921)

The Hidden Woman (1921)

Robin Hood (Robin des Bois) (1922)

Superstition (1922)

The Glimpses of the Moon (1923)

Lawful Larceny (1923)

Zaza (id.) (1923)

Big Brother (1923)

A Society Scandal (Scandale) (1924)

Manhandled (Tricheuse) (1924)

Her Love Story (Larmes de reine) (1924)

Wages of Virtue (Le prix de la vertu) (1924)

Argentine Love (Le tango tragique) (1924)

Night Life of New York (Le démon de minuit) (1925)

The Coast of Folly (Le prix d'une folie) (1925)

Stage Struck (Vedette) (1925)

Sea Horses (Chevaux marins) (1926)

Padlocked (Les briseurs de joie) (1926)

Tin Gods (1926)

Summer Bachelors (1926)

The Music Master (1926)

The Joy Girl (1927)

East Side, West Side (A l'ombre de Brooklyn) (1927)

French Dressing (A la mode de Boston) (1927)

The Big Noise (1927)

The Whip Woman (1927)

West Point (1927)

The Mad Hour (1927)

Harold Teen (1928)

Tide of Empire (Naissance d'un empire) (1929) [sortie France en novembre 1930]

The Iron Mask (Le masque de fer) (1929) [sortie France en mai 1930]

The Far Call (Les Pirates) (1929) [sortie France en juillet 1931]

Frozen Justice (L’iceberg vengeur) (1929) [sortie France en octobre 1930]

South Sea Rose (1929)

What a Widow! (Quelle veuve!) (1930)

Man to Man (1930)

Chances (Chances ou L’appel du coeur) (1931)

Wicked (Une vie brisée) (1931)

While Paris Sleeps (1932)

Her First Affaire (1933)

I Spy ou The Morning After (Espion malgré lui) (1933)

Counsel's Opinion (1933)

Hollywood Party (id.) (1934) [en co-réalisation]

Black Sheep (1935)

Navy Wife (Femmes de marins) (1935)

Song and Dance Man (Héros d’un soir) (1935)

Human Cargo (Cargaison humaine) (1936)

High Tension (Haute tension) (1936)

15 Maiden Lane (L'Audacieuse) (1936)

Woman-Wise (1937)

That I May Live (1937)

One Mile from Heaven (1937)

Heidi (Heidi, la sauvageonne) (1937)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Mam'zelle vedette) (1938)

Josette (Josette et compagnie) (1938)

Suez (id.) (1938)

The Three Musketeers (Les trois louf'quetaires) (1939)

The Gorilla (Le Gorille) (1939)

Frontier Marshal (Frontier Marshal ou L’aigle des frontières) (1939)

Sailor's Lady (Poings de fer, coeur d’or) (1940)

Young People (Jeunesse) (1940)

Trail of the Vigilantes (Sur la piste des vigilants) (1940)

Look Who's Laughing (1941)

Rise and Shine (1941)

Friendly Enemies (1942)

Here We Go Again (1942)

Around the World (La musique en folie) (1943)

Up in Mabel's Room (Dans la chambre de Mabel) (1944)

Abroad with Two Yanks (1944)

Brewster's Millions (Les millions de Brewster) (1945)

Getting Gertie's Garters (1945)

Rendez-Vous with Annie (1946)

Calendar Girl (Musique aux étoiles) (1947)

Northwest Outpost (Poste avancé) (1947)

Driftwood (Jenny et son chien) (1947)

The Inside Story (1948)

Angel in Exile (Ange en exil ou L’ange noir de Durango) (1948) [avec P. Ford]

Sands of Iwo-Jima (Iwo-Jima) (1950)

Surrender (Cœurs enflammés) (1950)

Belle Le Grand (La belle du Montana) (1951)

The Wild Blue Yonder (Tonnerre sur le Pacifique) (1951)

I Dream of Jeanie (1952)

Montana Belle (La femme aux revolvers) (1952)

The Woman They Almost Lynched (La femme qui faillit être lynchée) (1953)

Sweethearts on Parade (1953)

Flight Nurse (Héros sans gloire) (1953)

Silver Lode (Quatre étranges cavaliers) (1954)

Passion (Tornade) (1954)

Cattle Queen of Montana (La reine de la prairie) (1954)

Escape to Burma (Les rubis du prince birman) (1955)

Pearl of the South Pacific (La perle du Pacifique Sud ou Les perles sanglantes) (1955)

Tennessee's Partner (Le mariage est pour demain) (1955)

Slightly Scarlet (Deux rouquines dans la bagarre) (1956)

Hold Back the Night (Bataillon dans la nuit) (1956)

The River's Edge (Le bord de la rivière) (1957)

The Restless Breed (La ville de la vengeance ou La funèbre vengeance) (1957)

Enchanted Island (L'île enchantée) (1958)

The Most Dangerous Man Alive (Abattez cet homme) (1958) [exploité en 1961]