Abel Ferrara


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Nine Lives of a Wet Pussy (1976)

The Driller Killer (1981)

Ms. 45 (L'ange de la vengeance) (1982)

Fear City (New York, deux heures du matin) (1984)

China Girl (id.) (1987)

Cat Chaser (1989)

King of New York (The King of New York - Le roi de New York) (1990)

Bad Lieutenant (id.) (1992)

Body Snatchers (id.) (1993)

Dangerous Game (Snake Eyes) (1993)

The Addiction (id.) (1995)

The Funeral (Nos funérailles) (1996)

The Blackout (Blackout) (1997)

New Rose Hotel (id.) (1998)

'R Xmas (Christmas) (2001)

Mary (id.) (2005) …Prix spécial du jury à Venise

Go Go Tales (id.) (2007) [sortie France en 2012]

Chelsea on the Rocks (2008) [doc]

Napoli, Napoli, Napoli (2009)

Mulberry St. (2010) [doc]

4:44 Last Day on Earth (4 h 44 Dernier jour sur terre) (2012)

Pasolini (id.) (2014)

Welcome to New York (2014)

Alive in France (2017) [doc]

Tommaso (id.) (2019)

Zeros and Ones (2021) ...Prix de la mise en scène à Locarno